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BBQ Products


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Island Gourmet Elite

Available in two sizes, this barbecue can be easily incorporated into your Outdoor Kitchen. A first for the bbq market, The Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite (IGE) is designed to be dropped into a bench top made from any material, including combustible materials such as wood. It has been specially designed to be installed with minimal fuss. The IGE comes standard with a flat lid.

Snappy King

The best outdoor oven on the market! Anything you can cook in an indoor over can be cooked in this easy to clean, simple to use outdoor oven.
$2,999.00 inc GST


Heatlie BBQs are the toughest barbecues around. Originally designed for professional chefs, the full range of Heatlie BBQs are now available for you to enjoy at home. Available in 3 sizes and a choice of stainless steel or powder coated finish, you're bound to find a Heatlie BBQ which looks fantastic in your outdoor kitchen or backyard. All Heatlie barbecues feature our unique burner system which uses precision machined burners to produce a more even heat than other barbecues.


This Community BBQ is designed for public spaces, caravan parks, national parks etc.
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The Heatlie Roaster is designed for those who cater for large groups – professional caterers, sporting clubs, schools, and is also ideal for camp sites. This product is available in an enormous 80kg capacity. Heatlie Roasters are manufactured to last a lifetime from durable stainless steel. With no moveable parts to break down during an event, this is the ideal product for caterers. Additional accessories include vegetable rack, End Table and additional or replacement burners.
$5,972.00 inc GST


Used widely within the Hire and Catering Industry, the Heatlie Hotbox is ideal for heating food for large crowds and holding it at a desired temperature until ready to serve. Food can be heated in large containers or plated up. The Hotbox is available in two sizes for gas and one size for electric. The gas Hotbox is for outdoor use only. Hot Box 6000 - All stainless steel Dimensions: 1370H x 680D x 540W Comes with 6 shelves -capacity for 12 (available in spare parts & accessories) Gas only Hot Box 9000- All Stainless Steel Dimensions: 1830H x 750D x 710W Comes with 9 shelves - capacity for 18 shelves (available in spare parts & accessories) Gas only Electric Hot Box - All Stainless Steel Two seperate ovens with seperate controls. Comes with 7 shelves - capacity for 14 (available in spare parts & accessories)

Hydrogen BBQ

Our newest product is the Hydrogen BBQ! This exciting project uses renewable energy and is our most innovative project yet. If there is one thing we are extremely enthusiastic about here at Heatlie, it is innovation. With renewable energy being a way forward, we have embraced this product and all it means for our company. Giving us a way into the renewable energy industry and a grounding for more new, innovative and exciting projects.
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Fire Pit

Made from weathering steel, this modern looking fire pit will go perfectly in your back yard or as an outdoor centrepiece. Accessories to come!
$999.00 inc GST