Introducing the Indoor Island Gourmet Elite

Introducing the Indoor Island Gourmet Elite

Ever dreamed of having your favourite BBQ indoors? Giving you the ability to cook all year round - rain, hail or shine? Well, with the Island Gourmet Elite, now you can!

Heatlie is proud to announce that Island Gourmet Elite models made from November 2023 onwards, will be compliant for indoor use. This means they can be installed into cabinets or benchtops that do not meet the previous requirements for being an "outdoor area". Whether this is a truly indoor area like a kitchen, or in an outdoor alfresco area with closed sides or blinds, our IGEs are now able to be used in these situations.

There are few requirements that still need to be met however...

  • Indoor installations are only certified for use on natural gas connections, or fixed LPG connections (a.k.a reticulated gas supply). This means LPG cylinder use is still not allowed indoors.
  • All indoor installations will need to be installed and certified by an authorised gas fitter.
  • It is also a requirement for indoor installations that all vertical combustible surfaces above the countertop have a clearance of 130mm to the edge of the appliance.
  • Additionally, all overhead surfaces and range hoods must be higher than 600mm, 750mm for extraction fans, and 1200mm for combustible materials, measured from the barbecue plate.

We took this opportunity to also update some cosmetic features of the IGE, for a fresh modern look and more practicality. These include...

Roasting Hood 

The updated roasting hood now stays entirely within the profile of the IGE's trim. This means it does not protrude past the trim at the rear like the older 850 model hood did. This should make it much easier to plan and design cabinets and benches, removing the need to worry about having extra space at the rear for the hood to open.

Roasting Hood Handle

The roasting hood's handle has been given a stylish new look, with a curved edge for a more comfortable hold, as well as a cheeky Heatlie flame logo cut-out.

Fat Catcher

The fat catcher is now much bigger. The general consensus from most feedback was that the old ones were too small and were having to be emptied too often.

Trim Instructions

The lighting instructions, serial number and knob labels are now laser etched into the trim, making them permanent.

Spare Parts

The hood, hood handle, and fat catcher can all be fitted to older models. Laser etched trims cannot.

Please be aware that fitting these updated parts to your old IGE does not certify it for indoor use. Older models cannot be retrofitted for indoor use. 

All other aspects of the IGE will remain the same. This the unit still requires 400cm2 of ventilation area drawing fresh air into the cabinet. 

No dimensions have changed for the drop in box or trim and the same method of installation still applies, wherein the trim holds the weight of the unit. 

Feel free to get in contact with any questions you may have, however please be aware that we cannot advise on technical matters and are unable to advise past the information supplied in this article. 

It is best to get in contact with a qualified gas fitter who is authorised to certify your BBQ for particular applications. 

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