LCC 27 Gas Hose Fitting Guide

LCC 27 Gas Hose Fitting Guide

As of April 2022, Heatlie BBQs, along with every other BBQ manufacturer, are required to supply any new BBQs with the new LCC 27 gas fitting. These new fittings have increased safety features and usability and will feature on any new LPG hose or bottle that is manufactured from April 2022 onwards.

lcc 27 gas hot fittinglcc 27 gas hose fitting

You will notice that the new hoses we are supplying with our BBQs do not fit the old gas bottle. To rectify this, simply go to a swap'n'go or gas bottle retailer to change your bottle over to a new LCC 27 compatible fitting. It's important to note that POL-fitting gas bottles are still legal to use, as long as they are within their 10-year certification date, and they still work with old-style POL-fitting hoses. By 2032, when all the POL bottles have expired from their certification date, the LCC 27 bottle will behthe only one in circulation.

The new LCC 27 bottle will also work with the old POL hoses, so if you have older appliances that still have a POL hose, the new bottle is still compatible with them. 

So if you open up your new Heatlie BBQ and you're puzzled to see a weird fitting on the end of the hose, make sure to acquire the correct gas bottle and you'll be cooking in no time!

LCC 27 Features

The LCC 27 gas hose were brought in for their added safety features such as...

  • A safety shut off valve that won't let gas flow if the valve is opened, unless an your BBQ is properly attached to the cylinder. Meaning both the connection to your gas bottle and to the BBQ must be securely fastened. 
  • A internal gas seal, rather than external, that allows for longer life time of the part, reducing risk of seal failure and leaking. 
  • A larger, bulkier and easier to handle black plastic nut. 

See more info below...

LCC27 Valve Change - Gas Energy Australia

Performing a reset of the regulator

Due to the new safety shut off feature, we've noticed a few issues regarding low flames on BBQs. This can happen if the BBQ is not shut down properly. 

Once you've finished cooking, you must turn the BBQ off at the knobs first, then turn the gas bottle off. 

If done in reverse, or if you don't turn your knobs off at all, it can lead to problems the next time you go to light the BBQ. 

If this happens, it may appear as though the flame is on low, despite your knob being on high. 

To fix this, simply reset your regulator by following these steps.

  1. Turn your BBQ knobs to off position
  2. Turn gas bottle off
  3. Completely unscrew hose fitting from bottle
  4. Turn knobs on to clear lines of gas
  5. Return back to off position
  6. Screw hose fitting back onto bottle
  7. Turn on bottle
  8. Light BBQ as normal

The crucial part to remember is that the knobs needs to always be returned to the off position once you finish cooking. We do not recommend leaving your knobs in the on position at all times.

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