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heatlie ss bbq
heatlie bbq stainless steel 1150


heatlie island gourmet elite outdoor bbq kitchen

Island Gourmet Elite

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Snappy King

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Hot Box

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Hydrogen BBQ


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The Better Built Barbie


At Heatlie we pride ourselves on manufacturing the toughest BBQs on the market. We cover all aspects of the traditional Aussie barbecue, from flat plate barbecues that pack some serious punch, to industrial size roasters for commercial use. We adapt to the market and have developed built-in, outdoor BBQ kitchens as well with our Island Gourmet Elite range.


At Heatlie, we value the spirit of a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ. That's why you'll see countless sporting clubs, charities, community groups, fire and police stations etc., all using our BBQs to cater for their fundraisers and community events. 


All Heatlie Barbecues are designed, manufactured and shipped at our factory in North Plympton, South Australia. From our origins as a defence BBQ manufacturer in the mid-70s to the present, we always have been and always will be 100% Australian owned and made. 


Come explore what Australia's best BBQ brand has to offer!


heatlie island gourmet elite outdoor bbq kitchen