Frequently Asked Questions


Why has my hotplate discoloured?

This is a normal occurrence with hotplates and should be no cause for concern – in fact when the hotplate becomes darker; it also becomes smoother, thus increasing the non-stick properties as well as providing a better cooking surface. To maintain the colouring of the stainless steel hotplate, you will need to thoroughly clean with non-caustic cleaning products after each use.

How do I clean my BBQ?

Heatlie BBQs are very low maintenance, however we alwyas recommend staying on top of general cleaning to ensure you extend the life of the unit as much as possible.

Cooking Plate

The cooking plate does not require vigorous cleaning after every use. You can simply scrape away loose food debris, and recoat with cooking oil to keep the seasoning in tact. We do not recommend trying to scrub it back to its original state every time.

After many, many uses the seasoning can become a bit grotty, in which case you can use the Heat Activated Cleaner to break down a few layers and reset. See instruction on the product page.

External Surfaces/Body

The external surfaces such as the body panels, stub legs, lid, end tables and legs, or the trim and roasting hood on an IGE, can get hit with a lot of splatter while cooking. The best way to clean these is to wipe down with a damp cloth after each use.

If this process has been neglected for a significant amount of time and there is build up of tough stains on the external stainless steel areas, you can use a Super Contact Cleaner to help break these down.

You should also regularly empty and clean the fat container.

See our cleaning kits for more info.

How long will a 9KG gas bottle last on a Heatlie BBQ?

Standard Heatlie BBQ's last for between 6 and 16 hours - dependent on the model. Click here for a full guide on the gas usage of each BBQ. 

What is the thickness of my Hotplate?

If you already own a Heatlie BBQ and want to know the size; measure the outside of the hotplate, then measure the inside and the difference is the thickness of your plate.

Using the hot plate for the first time

Cleaning the Barbecue Plate (Before first-time use)

The barbecue plate has a food-grade protective coating on it to prevent rust before use. Before inserting the hotplate into the barbecue this coating needs to be completely removed. Using warm, soapy water and a non-scratch scourer, wash the hotplate until the water runs clear. If the plate feels tacky to touch, wash again.

Repeat the cleaning process described above if the plate remains “tacky”.

The plate cannot be left without oil on it, i.e. it must be seasoned once the lanolin is removed.

Seasoning the Barbecue Plate & Grill Plate

The Heatlie Island Gourmet plate is made of either mild steel or stainless steel (optional) and both need to be seasoned before use. This will reduce the likelihood of food sticking to the plate and ensure the longevity of the plate. This is a similar process to seasoning a wok.

To season the plate, first, follow the instructions on cleaning the barbecue plate (above). 

Rinse and dry the plate or grill. Apply a layer of vegetable oil or cooking oil. Spread the oil over the plate using a scraper or brush. Turn the barbecue on and heat for around 3 minutes. Turn off the barbecue. Wipe off excess oil with a paper towel.

Your barbecue is now ready to cook.

What is the lead time for the manufacture of your products?

Due to ever changing conditions in our factory and unpredictability of freight times, we are unable to guarantee any lead times at any time of year.

Stocked, off the shelves items like spare parts and accessories will generally leave us within 1-2 days of ordering.

Made to order products like BBQs can take 2-4 weeks but we always do our best to get them dispatched as soon as possible.


What is the BBQ plate made from?

The BBQ plate is made from mild steel or stainless steel and is available in 3 thicknesses:

  • 5mm for everyday, backyard use
  • 10mm for hire and catering purposes
  • 20mm for teppanyaki purposes

We recommend the 10mm for catering purposes as this will not warp when heated for long periods of time. The thickness of the plate conducts and holds the heat better than the thinner plate and results in no warping.

We recommend mild steel as it conducts the heat better than stainless steel. Both products will need to be seasoned, similar to a wok, as this will stop any food from sticking to the plate while preventing the plate from rusting. Take note that the stainless steel plate will go black and will rust, due to the grade of stainless steel used. Further information about seasoning your hotplate is available.

My BBQ won't light!

Checkout our guide to lighting problems.

How do I light my BBQ if the piezo ignition does not work?

Light the front burner using 40mm match through porthole, located on the right hand side of the BBQ front panel.

How do I fix my Piezo ignitor?

Look under the BBQ at the leads to the ignitor – are they attached? If not you can reattach the leads to the igniter by placing your hand up underneath the BBQ. If the lead is still loose, pinch the ends together with a pair of pliers. If they are attached and the ignitor is faulty, a Piezo kit can be ordered from the Spare Parts section of our online store.

Island Gourmet Elite

I have a problem with my Island Gourmet lighting. What can I do to rectify this?

If you find your Island Gourmet is not lighting, it may be an issue with the electrode placement.

View this video for further information.

We would also recommend that you ensure you have proper ventilation in your cabinet and that you are following the correct lighting procedure outlined on the instructions on the front right panel of the IGE. Make sure to hold the knob down for longer to allow enough gas in so that the flame failure does not get tripped and blow the gas out.

Do I need ventilation in my cabinet?

Yes! In order for the IGE to operate properly it need constant permanent airflow. The minimum requirement is 400 square centimetres of open area allowing air to flow in through the base of the IGE. This can be situated in the back, sides or front of the cabinet.

What materials are suitable for an Island Gourmet benchtop installation?

Island Gourmet elites can be installed in any material benchtop, including wood, MDF, and laminate. This is due to a Zero Clearance Technology box that traps heat in.

Can I use my IGE indoors?

Yes, however only models purchased from November 1st 2023 onwards. The easiest way to tell is if your trim has laser etched instructions and a 5 digit serial number starting in 1, then you are able to install your IGE indoors. See the Island Gourmet Elite page for more info.


How do I care for my Heatlie Roaster?

A removable liquid collection container slides directly underneath the drain hole, allowing collection and easy disposal of fat.

The base of the oven can be lined with foil which can be easily removed after cooking and disposed of. Foil trays can also be used in the base and disposed of after use. The burner is able to be removed easily, enabling the oven to be steam cleaned.

The outside of the oven can be cleaned with any commercially available stainless steel cleaning products.

The pilot light is yellow, what does this mean?

(for older models)

The pilot should be blue. The yellow flame means there is possibly an obstruction in the pilot light.

Firstly, remove the stainless controller cover by undoing the screws holding it on. The igniter is attached to this cover, so you will need to detach the piezo lead first (don’t forget to re-attach it later).

Remove the controller cover and controller from the end plate of the burner which is held on by two nuts and bolts.

Undo the two brass screws at the end of the pilot light assembly which hold on the clamping bracket.

The cover part of this assembly will not come apart. Rotate the pilot assembly out from behind the cover to access. The pilot light assembly should now be visible.

Remove the two hex headed slot screws that hold the pilot assembly together, (be careful as this is where the item may fall apart) you can now separate the pilot light components to individually look at and check to see that there is no obstruction anywhere.

The middle part of the bracket is the pilot light (with a mushroom looking top on it) Take the mushroom and stalk part out, check inside the mixing chamber (mushroom stalk) for obstructions. Look for grease, or insects or something small that has made its way into this chamber. Remove any foreign objects, clean any grease away. Blow out with compressed air if possible. If you fail to find anything foreign, the pilot light will need to be replaced.

The pilot is too small. Can it be adjusted?

Yes. Firstly remove the burner from the roaster.

Check that there are 3 individual flames coming out of the 3 port pilot light. One faces the electrode, one faces the burner, and the other faces the thermocouple, and they should all be of equal size. If not this means there is an obstruction in one of the ports.

The flame should be large enough to encase the tip of the thermocouple. If not, tip burner upside down, and on the base of the pilot light, there is a hexagonal cap with a screwdriver slot. (ensure the pilot light is not on for this procedure.)

Remove the hexagonal cap where you will find another screwdriver slot, this one is brass.

Turn this slot anti-clockwise a couple of degrees only. Then replace the cap, turn the burner back over and re-light the pilot light. This should have increased the size of the flame. If it is still not big enough, repeat this process until it is.

The flame must remain blue, if it turns orange it can cause soot build up on the thermocouple and will cease to function properly.

Can I buy replacement burners?

Snappy King

Can I use my Snappy King as BBQ?

You can, with some additional parts. The Snappy King Hot Plate Kit will come with everything you need to convert your unit into a flat plate BBQ.


Will the Hotbox become damaged if transported frequently?

One of the strengths of all Heatlie Products, including the Hotbox, is their durability. They are able to be moved and roughed around and will still continue to work for years and years. Even in applications where they are used for many hours at a time, moved many times, and often not treated with care.

How do I care for my Heatlie Hotbox?

Gas Hotbox

To clean, firstly remove burner assembly at bottom of the Hotbox, then wipe out with warm, soapy water or steam clean.

Electric Hotbox

To clean, wipe out with warm soapy water or steam clean.


Do you ship to New Zealand?

Yes we can! Through our website, New Zealand based customers are able to purchase and choose shipping for smaller products that go via Australia Post.

For larger products like BBQs and Island Gourmets, you cannot purchase these through the website. Please reach out to us for a quote on these.

Do you ship to residential addresses?

We do and all our shipping prices on the website account for shipping to a residential address.

What couriers do you use?

Small parcels - Australia Post

Larger items and products heavy enough for a skid - TNT/FedEx

International parcels (New Zealand) - Australia Post

Got more questions? Get in contact with us today and we'll be happy to help!