Heatlie's Guide to Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Heatlie's Guide to Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen is an important part of the Australian way of life – much like the humble BBQ. This is why they are paired together so well, like steak and fine wine. The following guide explores the main factors to consider when planning an outdoor BBQ kitchen and demonstrates why Heatlie’s Island Gourmet Elite is the best BBQ for your outdoor kitchen.

There are several factors that you need to consider, and at the end of the day, a lot of it will come down to personal preference. We all use our BBQs differently and luckily for us, that's why there's a huge range of diverse BBQs on the market to choose from. Unfortunately, though, a lot of what you will see in retail stores suffers from a lack of quality through the desire to get cheap and affordable BBQs on the market. We see a lot of poorly made, cheap BBQs with foreign origins that just don't stand up to the same standards of true Aussie made products. 

Without further ado, let's get into how to choose your outdoor BBQ kitchen. 

island gourmet elite outdoor kitchen

How Will You Use Your Outdoor Kitchen?

You'll want to make sure of a few things while you're searching for outdoor kitchen BBQ ideas. The first consideration is how you will use the kitchen. After all, the best alfresco dining areas are the ones that get used. When looking at designs and making plans, it’s important for you to think about how and when you will use the kitchen. Whether you’ll be using it purely for entertaining, in the summer, or year-round, in addition to what style of dishes you will be looking to cook - it all matters. Once you have considered your potential uses, you can start deciding on the best BBQ for your alfresco dining area.

heatlie island gourmet elite bbq

Island Gourmet Elite Accessories

Heatlie Barbecues produce a tough but stylish built-in barbecue that addresses the practicality needs of your outdoor kitchen. The Island Gourmet Elite is made from durable and weather-resistant stainless steel. Built standard with a flat plate, it can also be used with a grill plate or with a roasting rack and hood. These optional extras provide you with the tools necessary to give you a highly practical and versatile experience and entertain like a master. There's no stone left unturned when it comes to using your Heatlie like a professional chef. They were built for them after all.

heatlie island gourmet elite bbq with hood

heatlie island gourmet elite hood bbq

Seamlessly Built-In Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Barbecues

Made from stainless steel, the Island Gourmet Elite looks stylish dropped into any bench – allowing you to design your dream outdoor kitchen with no worries about the compatibility of your bench’s material. This gives you a seamless finish, with the barbecue becoming a part of your outdoor kitchen’s charm. Unlike other drop-in barbecues, Heatlie’s is designed to be built into the bench and not simply recessed – allowing you to complete your alfresco space in a cohesive, streamlined manner. 

You also have the option to buy a Heatlie Island Gourmet inside a stylish cabinet made here in our factory. This is an excellent path to take if you don't want the stress and hassle of building your own bench and cabinets from scratch or getting other third parties involved in the construction. Our factory made cabinets factor in for the required 400 square centimetres of ventilation space around the BBQ. If you are building your own cabinet, make sure you adhere to this and you'll be fine. 

island gourmet elite cabinet bbq

LPG or Natural Gas?

The Island Gourmet Elite is available in both LPG and Natural Gas models, allowing you to attach the barbecue to your home’s gas supply or use the standard gas bottles commonly used for portable barbecues. The Natural Gas barbecue is advantageous as you’ll never run out whilst entertaining with your outdoor BBQ kitchen again, whilst the LPG option allows you more freedom in designing your outdoor kitchen, with no natural gas outlet restraining you. It also gives you portability if you ever wanted to change things around. With LPG you can place your barbecue in an island and style your alfresco area to best accommodate entertaining your guests! 

The Toughest Built-In BBQ on the Market

Take into consideration all these factors and your life will be made a lot easier when designing your outdoor BBQ kitchen. Heatlie’s Island Gourmet Elite is a great option for your outdoor kitchen and will provide you with entertainment for years to come. Our barbecues are made here in Australia and are designed to last a lifetime, maybe even two!

For more information, view the Island Gourmet Elite now and start cooking!

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