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IGE Hood

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Cook stunning roasts on your Island Gourmet Elite, with the IGE Hood.


  • Gives you extra versatility with your IGE
  • Temperature gauge
  • Easy installation

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the IGE hood is built to be easily retrofitted to your Island Gourmet Elite. The hood will allow you to cook bread, pizza, vegetables, roasts and more on your IGE whilst still remaining stylish and suiting any outdoor kitchen. When paired with a Roasting Rack and Vegetable Baskets, your IGE will be able to cook succulent roasts, whilst still remaining able to use as a traditional flat plate BBQ. Built with Heatlie's trademark toughness, the IGE Hood will last for a lifetime, maybe even two.  

Only suitable for IGE models made post-2017 with Serial Numbers 3000 and onwards.

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Dimensions & Installation


Width - 665mm

Height (Open) - 515mm

Height (Closed) - 150mm

Depth (Open) - 40mm from back of trim

Depth (Closed) - 460mm

Handle protrudes 35mm from hood.  


Width - 915mm

Height (Open) - 570mm

Height (Closed) - 200mm

Depth (Open) - 70mm from back of trim

Depth (Closed) - 460mm

Handle protrudes 35mm from hood.  

It is best to leave at least 100mm from the back of the trim to any solid vertical surface that may be behind your cabinet. This allows either size hood to comfortably open without hindrance. 

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