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Island Gourmet Elite

Building your dream outdoor kitchen? Add the Island Gourmet Elite to your plans! Drop this built-in BBQ into your benchtop with minimal fuss and start entertaining your friends and family with ease. Scroll to the bottom to see a price based on your customisation selections.

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  • Sleek and stylish flat plate design
  • Perfect for outdoor alfresco areas
  • Can be installed in combustible material benchtop
  • Numerous optional extras to enhance your experience
  • Almost no assembly, just drop in and start cooking
  • Flat lid and handle included to protect plate
  • Exceptional power and even heat coverage
  • Handy plate lifting tool for easy cleaning
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty*


The Island Gourmet Elite is Heatlie's Australian made, outdoor kitchen BBQ solution. Slot this into your benchtop for a quality outdoor kitchen that will last for decades. The Island Gourmet Elite comes in two sizes, the 600 and the 850, and has some serious versatility. 

Sitting level with minimal obtrusion, this outdoor kitchen BBQ features innovative Zero Clearance technology that allows for the barbecue to be built into any outdoor benchtop, including combustible materials (a first of its kind!). This leads to a stylish look that is cohesive with any design aesthetic whilst providing you with a high-quality Alfresco cooking experience.

A 316 Stainless Steel option is available, please call or email us for a quote. 

Benchtop materials suitable for the Island Gourmet Elite:

  • Timber
  • Laminate
  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Granite

We offer the choice of two hotplates, providing you with the most suitable cooking surface for your kitchen. The mild steel option is highly reactive to changes in temperature with greater control over your cooking, whilst the stainless steel hot plate delivers further rust resistance in coastal areas.

Our built-in barbecues are made to order in Australia. Every BBQ we make at Heatlie is crafted meticulously and goes through extensive quality control measures to ensure you get the toughest BBQ on the market.

To order online, customise the barbecue with the options below and make the outdoor BBQ kitchen of your dreams. For an explanation of each option, see below. 

Size - This is the size of the cooking plate in width only. Please refer to installation guides for full dimensions and sizes of the total drop in unit. 

Plate Type & Thickness - There are a few options to pick from here.

  • Mild or Stainless Steel - Mild steel is a better conductor of heat and will spread heat more evenly.
  • Flat or Grilled Plate - Grill plates come with a grilled section on the back half of the plate. Flat plates are fully flat.
  • 5mm or 10mm Thickness - 5mm plates are best for domestic casual cooking, 10mm plates work well for more intense, long-duration cooking. Grill plates are not available in 10mm thickness. 

Burner Material - Choose between mild or stainless steel for your burner material. Stainless will last a lot longer due to its corrosion resistance, however, you can still expect a decade or so from mild steel powder-coated burners.

Gas Type - The BBQ will come ready to go for Natural Gas or LPG. This can be changed later on down the track with a gas conversion kit.

Included in standard Island Gourmet Elite box:

1x Island Gourmet Elite Unit

1x Ziploc bag containing; 2x Phillips head screws and 1x lid handle

2x Knobs

1x Instructions

1x Fat container

1x Flat Lid

1x Plate lifting tool

3x Drop-in heat deflectors

If purchasing the Grill Plate, Fat Trays will be included. 

Optional Accessories Not Included:

  • Hood - The roasting hood features a thermometer to assist with keeping track of ambient temperature and cooking time of roasts and other larger items. This can be added when you purchase your new BBQ or can be fitted easily at a later date.
  • Cabinet - 2, 3 or 4 door cabinets are currently available. These are made in our factory in South Australia and are designed to house both the Island Gourmet Elite models.
  • Roasting Rack - A rack that will elevate roasts off the plate to allow for proper air circulation and a nice even cook. 
  • Vegetable Baskets - Designed to warm food or cook gently; these hang on the back of the hood.
  • Grill Plate - Available in mild steel or stainless steel, this plate has a grilled section that allows you to grill food over direct heat. Comes with trays to catch any waste which drips through the grill.
  • Stainless Steel Cover - A solid stainless steel cover that sits over the plate and the trim to protect them. Please note, we do not offer a vinyl BBQ cover for our Island Gourmet Elite range. 

Check out all our Island Gourmet Elite Spare Parts and Accessories!

3D Models

Check out our 3D model STP files in the "Download Instruction Manual" tab below. These are perfect for builders, architects and designers to place in their existing cabinetry drawings to ensure precise measurements and sizing, as well as visualising aesthetic compatibility. 


*All Island Gourmet Elites come with Fat Catcher and Lid, there is no need to order separately. 

*The Island Gourmet Elite has very specific installation requirements, please read the instruction manual in the tabs below to make sure it is suitable for your desired application.

*IGE cabinet sold separately. 

Prices include shipping to metropolitan areas only. Please see terms and conditions for more information on shipping to rural areas, or contact us.


Installable in combustable material

This built-in BBQ is the only one of its kind on the market that is able to be installed directly into a benchtop made from combustible materials. This means it can be dropped into any standard kitchen bench, eliminating the need for granite or stone benchtops. This means you have the ability to use wood and laminate among others. Granite, stone and similar materials will remain the preferred option for many outdoor kitchen owners, giving a look of sophistication and quality, to match the same characteristics in the Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite built in BBQ.

Fits in standard benchtops

This BBQ will fit into a standard 600mm benchtop. This is another bonus for outdoor kitchen owners who have built their outdoor kitchen but are yet to choose their BBQ, and easy for builders and cabinet makers too, eliminating the need for a non-standard bench to be manufactured.

Flame failure as standard

This safety feature is often a standard requirement for many outdoor kitchen installations. It is now included in this new product as part of the gas tap configuration and is designed to cut the gas supply if the flame is extinguished by a gust of wind, for example.


As the knob on the Island Gourmet Elite is turned, the piezo ignition automatically lights the BBQ. No additional buttons to push and maintain. Easy, no fuss and works every time.

Easy to clean

The Island Gourmet Elite features a lift-out plate and a separate fat container which allows for easy cleaning while still eliminating the risk of a flare-up from dripping fat. The plate can be lifted out, pressure cleaned or scrubbed, then easily replaced for your next BBQ. The fat container can be easily cleaned out also.

Comes fully assembled

The Island Gourmet Elite now arrives on your doorstep fully assembled, ready to drop into your benchtop and be connected to a gas supply. This BBQ is comfortably lifted by 2 people. You will be up and running in under 10 minutes, ready to cook on your new BBQ.

LPG or Natural Gas

Bottled LPG and piped Natural Gas are able to be used safely on the Island Gourmet Elite. There is a small additional cost for the Natural Gas version. Heatlie were also successful in obtaining approval from the AGA (Australian Gas Association) for the use of Universal Gas, allowing this product to be used in other countries using this type of gas.

Installation Requirements

The Island Gourmet must be installed in an undercover alfresco area, not out in the open. Failure to comply with this, as well as ventilation requirements, will void the warranty. 

IGE Cavity Size:

600 - 850w x 540d

850 - 1105w x 540d

This is the size of the hole that you need in your benchtop to enable the IGE box to slide in. 

Both require a cavity height of at least 231mm. 


IGE Trim Size

600 - 867w x 555d 

850 - 1117w 555d

This is the total size of the top side trim including the plate, control panel with knobs and outer edges. 


Hood Installation

For enough clearance for the hood to fully open, you will need to leave 100mm between the back of the trim and any wall or vertical service behind the BBQ. This ensures enough space for the hood to fully open. 


Benchtop Size

We recommend your benchtop be at least 700mm deep. This covers the 555mm trim, 50mm from the front of the trim to the edge of the bench, and 100mm clearance at the back of the trim to a wall behind it. 



The IGE requires 400cm squared ventilation to open air. This is generally placed under the BBQ in line with the openings in the bottom of the firebox.


What is the Island Gourmet Elite Barbecue plate made from?

The BBQ plate comes in either mild steel or stainless steel. We recommend mild steel as it conducts heat better than stainless steel. Both products will need to be seasoned, similar to a wok, and this will stop any food from sticking to the plate whilst stopping the plate from rusting. Even the stainless steel plate will go black and will rust, due to the grade of stainless steel used for this purpose.

Why has my hotplate discoloured?

This is a normal occurrence with stainless-steel hotplates after a period of time and should be no cause for concern as it will provide a better cooking surface. To maintain the colouring of a stainless steel hotplate, we recommend to thoroughly clean the hotplate with non-caustic cleaning products, such as our barbecue cleaning kits, after each use.

How do I clean out the fat drip?

The fat drip is found under the plate at the front of the BBQ. You will notice a hole in the plate at the front. Use your plate lifting hook to lift the plate up from this hole. Then simply slide the container out from its brace. Watch the tutorial below for more information. 

Cooking Guide

Seasoning the Plate

As the Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite hotplate is made from 5mm mild steel, it is recommended that the steel hotplate be ” seasoned” to reduce the likelihood of food sticking to the hotplate. This is achieved by following these simple steps:

  1. Wash hotplate using warm soapy water.
  2. Rinse and dry hotplate.
  3. Turn on the barbecue and apply a layer of vegetable or cooking oil.
  4. Turn off the barbecue.
  5. Wipe off the layer of oil.
  6. After cooking, scrape food particles off the hotplate and apply a layer of cooking oil before storage. After continual use, you will notice a brown film developing over the hotplate. This seasoning process will reduce the likelihood of food sticking to the hotplate.

Download Instruction Manual