Heatlie's Guide to Commercial BBQing

Heatlie's Guide to Commercial BBQing

If you're a caterer, sports club, community centre or someone who needs to cook large amounts for long periods of time, Heatlie is your go-to for quality, high-volume cooking options. Our range of BBQs, Roasters and Hot Boxes provide valuable solutions to the needs of commercial barbecuers. So what do we have to offer?

Commercial Flat Top BBQs

Our range of standard, flat plate BBQs are perfect for fry ups at events, sports clubs, schools, churches and outdoor food services like festivals and carnivals. With a wide and spacious cooking area, even on the smallest 700 models, you'll be able to fit dozens and dozens of sausages, bacon, eggs, burgers, veggies, you name it.

The 1150 model provides the ultimate cooking experience and paired with a 10mm mild steel plate, you'll have the ultimate cooking plate with ideal heat retention and even spread. You can also add extra accessories to make your life easier while undertaking extensive cook-ups, such as the drain extension and billy can

heatlie commercial bbq

A local surf life saving club here in Adelaide got themselves prepped for summer sausage sizzles with a Stainless Steel 1150, Warming Drawer, Splash Back, End Tables and a cover. 

Roasting Machines

If frying and searing isn't your style, we also manufacture commercial roasters like our Snappy King and Roaster. With these, you can roast away several large roasts or dozens of smaller ones all at once. As the hood closes down it creates a convection style heat distribution to cook efficiently and evenly like an oven would - just with a whole lot more cooking space and the ability to do it outdoors. The Snappy King is the smaller of the two, generally more of a retail option, but the Roaster provides an industrial size solution for roast food preparation in commercial situations. Add extra roast racks for more shelf space or vegetable racks for the Snappy King. 

 heatlie snappy king

Hot Box Food Warmers

Commercial cookers often find it hard to keep large amounts of food warm, especially when it's not being served immediately. This is where the Heatlie Hot Box steps in as a perfect solution. Aimed at caterers mainly, the Hot Box will keep food at the desired temperature without overcooking it or letting it go cold. It comes in three models to suit different needs. The 6000 model provides a smaller box for moderate cooks, while the 9000 Hot Box can hold up to 17 racks of food for the ultimate food storage option. More racks can be purchased if needed.  These Hot Boxes are built tough, with the need for constant transportation kept in mind during the manufacturing process.

hot box food warmer

The Go-to Place for Catering BBQ Options

Heatlie has all your commercial barbecuing needs sorted, with a wide range of quality, Australian made options to suit you. Inquire at your nearest stockist, or purchase right here on our website and you could be cooking up a storm very soon!

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