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Cater for large crowds effortlessly with the Heatlie Hotbox!

The HotBox is a commercial barbecue made to heat and hold your prepared food at stable temperatures for extended periods of time. 

You can rely on the HotBox to help you through even the toughest of services due to the high quality Australian made build. The commercial food warmer is made to be transportable allowing you to take the barbecue anywhere your job requires!  

The HotBox gives you the freedom to cater how you want to, with two sizes to ensure that you can cater for any event.

We offer two gas powered models for indoors, as well as an electric Hotbox which is able to be used indoors/outdoors.

The Hotbox comes in two different sizes allowing for commercial catering of any size.

Find out more about each model under the features tabs.

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Is this an oven?
The Hotbox is not designed to be used as an oven, but for heating food once plated or in containers ready to serve from.

Will the HotBox become damaged if transported frequently?
One of the strengths of all Heatlie Products, including the Hotbox, is their durability. They are able to be moved and bumped and they continue to work for years and years, even in applications where they are used for many hours at a time, moved many times, and often not treated with care.

Are spare parts available?
Spare parts are available from our specialist spare parts retailers.

How do I care for my Heatlie Hotbox?

Gas Hotbox
To clean firstly remove burner assembly at bottom of the Hotbox, then wipe out with warm soapy water or steam clean. This product will stand up to the rigors of frequent transportation, as with catering operations.

Electric Hotbox
To clean wipe out with warm soapy water or steam clean. This product will stand up to the rigors of frequent transportation, as with catering operations.

Gas Hotbox Features

12 rack capacity (6 supplied with item).
Dimensions: 1370H x 540D x 680W.
Shelves are 610mm x 430mm.
Weight: 98kg
Gas Consumption: 13 mjph


HB9000DS – The 9 rack hotbox
17 rack capacity (9 supplied with item)
Dimensions: 1930H x 750D x 710W.
Shelves are 680mm x 535mm.
Weight: 105kg
Gas consumption: 18 mjph


Heatlie gas hotboxes utilise the Heatlie Ribbon Burner System and are fuelled by LPG to reach a maximum temperature of 160C. Controlled thermostatically by an adjustable control knob, the hotboxes features push button piezo ignition and flame failure technology which cuts off gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished. 


The commercial hotboxes feature removable burners, side rails and shelves for easy cleaning after a long service. To prevent food from falling, the shelves have a guard at the rear. 


Heatlie’s hotboxes are designed to be easily manoeuvred with rear wheels and handle rails. The design prevents the legs from digging into the ground, with a front skid base – ensuring that the unit stays level. During transportation, the door contains a latch that prevents the door opening whilst the hose and regulator can be secured, providing you with peace of mind. 

The Heatlie Hotbox food warmer comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Electric Hotbox Features


Internal dimensions for each oven: H65cm x W68cm x D61cm.
External dimensions: H170cm x W88cm x D68cm.


The Electric Hotbox is able to be used both indoors and outdoors. Made from durable Stainless steel, it will fit through a standard doorway and is fully insulated. 

The Electric Hotbox features two separate ovens that can be independently controlled, reaching a maximum temperature of 250C, heated by a 1250W 420mm unfinned element.   

The unit is heated by a standard 10AMP, 240V power outlet the unit weighs 130kg. 


To ensure easy transportation, the Hotbox is manufactured with handles and double wheels on one side, with lockable swivel wheels on the other. The doors have latches to ensure that they remain closed during transportation.  

Download Instruction Manual