Heatlie Winter BBQ Guide

Heatlie Winter BBQ Guide

Winter is the BBQs natural enemy. Cool, crisp mornings and evenings, rain and darker afternoons mean less outdoor time for us, which means less barbecuing time. This isn't ideal for barbecue fanatics, but not to fret, there is a way to stay active on your Heatlie this winter. We're here to guide you through the winter months to make sure you get the most out of it, without sacrificing precious BBQ time.  

Caring for and Maintaining your BBQ

There's no doubt that Heatlie BBQs are built tough, but even still, winter's harsh elements can take a toll if you don't prepare appropriately. Make sure to keep your BBQ sheltered under a vinyl cover, to keep it away from rain and moisture from the cold. 

If you decide not to use your BBQ for an extended period of time, make sure it is clean and in good condition before putting it away. Putting a new layer of seasoning on the plate will help to protect it over the long term. 

Always unhook your gas bottle before long term storage, and secure the gas hose in a safe and comfortable space. Ensure the gas bottle is fully turned off.

Protect your BBQ from pests by clogging up open holes around the body. Mice, rats, spiders and ants like to get in there and make nests, and there's nothing better for an insect to call home than a dormant, unused BBQ just sitting there for months on end. 

Having said all this, we always recommend using your BBQ regularly to avoid issues (similar to a car) so rug up and get out there!

Stay Warm with a Fire Pit

If it's cold outside, and you still want to cook, why not use a fire pit? Fire pits are the perfect solution for, easy outdoor heating. There's no need to worry about expensive gas bottles or lugging around those big chunks of metal. 

Fire pits give you beautiful warmth as well as the cosy smell of wood fire. With one just behind you, you can cook all night long on those cold nights in comfort! Get your fire pit going with the FiAir Blower for a quick and easy start-up. 

heatlie fire pit

Winter Warmer Foods

Winter is less about cooking snags and steaks, and more about those hearty, belly-warming dishes that help to fight the cold. We're talking roasts, soups, casseroles and more. Now admittedly, not all of this is 100% possible on a Heatlie BBQ. However, with an Island Gourmet Roasting Hood, a Snappy King or a Roaster, your winter cooking possibilities skyrocket. 

Cook up a lovely roast beef with vegetables in the Island Gourmet, or place your casserole in the Snappy King to bake it to perfection. 

Winter with Heatlie

As the mercury drops across the country, at least in the southern states, don't let the cold get in the way of your outdoor life. Keep on living it up and explore what Heatlie's products can do to make your life easier. Always remember to maintain your BBQ and keep it in good condition over the winter months, and utilise our high quality and stylish fire pit to stay warm outside. 

Check out more info on our blog about how to store your BBQ over winter. 


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