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BBQ Vinyl Cover

The Heatlie BBQ Vinyl Cover is designed to fit snug over your Heatlie BBQ and provide protection to your barbecue when not in use.


  • Thick vinyl make for ultimate protection from weather
  • Sizes available to fit BBQs with or without end tables
  • Straps to keep cover stable and tied down in windy weather


Protect your Heatlie BBQ with this stylish, black vinyl cover. Made from high-quality vinyl, it will protect your barbecue against the elements. The cover is highly recommended if you live in coastal areas to protect from rust and salt damage. It will fit snuggly over the top of your BBQ will all three sizes available. 

Available for all models, as well as for barbecues with/without end tables. Purchase below.

See the full dimensions of the covers with and without end tables in the link below the drop down menus. 

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