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How to Store Your BBQ Over Winter

When winter rolls around and the nights get dark and cold, our desire to get outside and entertain diminishes quickly. Fair enough, however, you mustn't neglect your BBQ in the process. Heatlie Barbecues are built tough and made last for lifetimes, but it's still important to maintain, care for and clean your Heatlie to ensure its longevity. We take pride in our barbecues' reliability and love to help you get the most out of your cooking companion. The following article is a collection of the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your barbecue, by protecting it from the winter elements. 

heatlie bbq vinyl cover

Vinyl BBQ Cover

We always advise that the best place to store your barbecue, like any household appliance, is undercover and away from the elements. Keeping your barbecue under shelter is the easiest way to help give your barbecue the life it deserves and will allow it to always be ready to entertain guests. When storing your barbecue, we recommend using a cover. Heatlie's vinyl BBQ cover will provide a physical barrier from; weather, dust and any unruly animals looking for a place to sleep. When you are ready to start barbecuing again, the cover will reduce the amount of preparation needed. We offer vinyl barbecue covers for our BBQ range as well as the Snappy King

Cleaning Kit

Before storing your barbecue, it can be helpful to give your hotplate a thorough clean to keep it in good condition. We recommend using the Heatlie Cleaning Kit which includes Heat Activated Cleaner, cleaning pads and a pad holder. These kits reduce the effort needed to maintain the cleanliness of the hot plate and increase the enjoyment you get out of your barbecue. To find out more about cleaning your hot plate, visit our Cleaning Blog.

heatlie bbq cleaning kit


After cleaning, it is important to add a layer of protection to the hot plate through seasoning. Seasoning is a simple process that uses cooking oil to provide rust protection. To find out more information about seasoning your hot plate, visit the seasoning blog which demonstrates the best seasoning method.

Gas Safety

A handy tool we recommend to all barbecuers to stay safe is the Companion Gas Safety Valve. Fitting between the gas tank and the hose, the valve is unobtrusive whilst remaining easy to access. The valve is built for safety and will actively detect gas leaks and serve as a gas shutoff if any are detected - allowing you peace of mind when storing your barbecue. Conveniently, another feature of the valve is a gauge that shows you the amount of gas left in your tank, so you will never run out mid-party again!

Maintaining Your BBQ Over Winter is Easy

Caring for your Heatlie Barbecue will ensure that it will continue to entertain your friends and family throughout your lifetime, and with our handy tips, you should have no problem ensuring the longevity fo your Heatlie. To find out more about the products listed in the article, click on each link or explore our store using the Spare Parts & Accessories tab.