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How to Season Your Heatlie BBQ Hot Plate

Turning your Heatlie BBQ on for the first time can be an exciting moment and marks the start of a lot of quality barbecuing for years to come. As such, it can be tempting to immediately cook your favourite meats and veggies on your new BBQ. However, to deliver the best results on your Heatlie mild steel or stainless-steel hotplate, it is beneficial to take the time and season your BBQ before you start cooking with it. 

Why is Seasoning Your BBQ Plate Important?

Seasoning your barbecue is important for a few reasons, but most importantly, it reduces the likelihood of food sticking to the hotplate, as well as ensuring the longevity of the plate. This will provide you with the best cooking surface to help you produce quality meals on your Heatlie BBQ. 

This easy guide is primarily to help you season your Heatlie BBQ hotplate although it can also be applied to other steel cooking instruments such as your treasured pots and frying pans. 

Steps for Seasoning Your BBQ

  1.      Wash your steel hotplate using warm soapy water. 
  2.      Rinse and dry hotplate.
  3.      Turn on the barbecue and apply a layer of vegetable or cooking oil with a scraper or brush. Turn both burners to high and heat for 2 minutes.
  4.      Turn off the barbecue.
  5.      Wipe off the layer of oil.

Maintaining the Seasoning

  1.      After cooking, scrape food particles off hotplate (do not wash with water or soapy water at this stage as it will dissolve the grease and encourage rust).
  2.      Apply a layer of cooking oil.
  3.      Next time you use the BBQ pre-heat the hotplate and burn off the oil, and then you are ready for use again.

It is important to note that during the lifetime of the BBQ, the hotplate will gradually change colour and should start looking golden brown. Eventually, the hotplate may go darker, meaning that it's fully seasoned and is at its peak non-stick capabilities.

If your BBQ is in need of a deep clean, check out our Heat Activated cleaning kit or our blog on how to restore an old BBQ

Once you completed these steps, you are good to go! You are now free to cook your favourite meals using your Heatlie BBQ. Enjoy!


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