Zero Clearance Technology for Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Zero Clearance Technology for Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Have you recently built an outdoor BBQ kitchen and been frustrated with the lack of flexibility around benchtop materials? Fair enough. BBQs obviously get very hot and placing this heat in direct contact with a combustible material pretty much spells disaster.

However, thanks to industry-first innovation from Heatlie Barbecues, there is a better option. 

Our Island Gourmet Elite built-in BBQ kitchen range offers zero clearance firebox technology that gives you all the freedom you desire while building your outdoor alfresco area. No longer are you restricted to just metal or stone, you can build your cabinets out of just about anything!

What is a Zero Clearance Firebox?

A zero clearance firebox means there is no need for a buffer zone between the immediate side of the firebox and the combustible material it is installed into. It basically acts as a shield around the hot part of the BBQ to keep that heat in, rather than letting it escape. This makes it a much more efficient way to cook as well. 

Zero clearance technology is utilised quite often in wood heaters, especially ones built into a wall. Heatlie is now the first in the BBQ industry to put a zero clearance BBQ on the market. 

Outdoor Kitchen Benchtop Materials

For years, outdoor kitchens have always been built predominantly from stone or granite. These simply don't burn and resist heat fantastically. They also look good, and for this reason, despite zero clearance technology, granite and stone will forever stay the most popular options for outdoor BBQ kitchens. 

With zero clearance technology though, we open up to other possibilities like wood and laminate, which can look quite good in a lot of different contexts. 

Take these two examples of a wooden benchtop with the Island Gourmet slotted right in...

heatlie island gourmet elite wooden benchtop installation

heatlie bbq in wood bench top

Island Gourmet Elite Benefits

You may be thinking, that's great, but is this the right BBQ for me? To put it simply, there isn't a household in Australia where an Island Gourmet Elite wouldn't fit in. It comes standard with a solid flat plate, making for mess-free, consistent and reliable cooking. However, you can also use a grill plate with it for added versatility, and you can attach a roasting hood if you so desire. What else could you need in a BBQ?

Its sleek and stylish design sits flush with the benchtop and doesn't have large, protruding knobs and control panels like most other built-in BBQs. It will also conveniently fit into standard 600mm kitchen benchtops, so if you have an existing benchtop, chances are this will fit right in. No fussing around with changing and resizing cabinets.

BBQ Cabinet Ventilation

One thing to keep in mind is ventilation. One of the main reasons this zero clearance technology is doable is because of the ventilation requirements of the Island Gourmet Elite. You need to find 400cm squared of ventilation space within the cabinet at the bottom of the BBQ. This is to allow it to draw air in and feed the burners with oxygen. Without it, they simply wouldn't start. 

heatlie island gourmet elite ventilation

Available as either LPG or Natural Gas, and built with durable 304 stainless steel trim, the Island Gourmet Elite ticks all the boxes for your next outdoor kitchen BBQ. 

Browse the options today on our Island Gourmet Elite page and start planning the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

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