Roasting with a Flat Plate Island Gourmet Elite Barbecue

Roasting with a Flat Plate Island Gourmet Elite Barbecue

Everybody loves a good roast! Succulent, meaty goodness, slow-cooked to perfection. But it’s not possible on a flat plate barbecue, is it? With Heatlie’s Island Gourmet Elite, it is.

island gourmet elite outdoor kitchen bbq with hood

Roasting on A Flat Plate BBQ?

Yes, that's right it can be done! The only drop-in barbecue that can be built into a bench top, can also be converted into an outdoor roasting oven by adding a hood, roasting rack and vegetable baskets. Best of all, every ingredient needed to turn your Island Gourmet Elite into a mean green roasting machine is available on our online store (apart from the meat of course).

Roasting Accessories


The first accessory needed to start your roasting adventure is the Island Gourmet Elite Hood. Built to the same quality standards as our barbecues, the hood will last for a lifetime whilst providing you with a practical tool that helps you entertain like a master. The hood is made from stainless steel and will ensure your Island Gourmet maintains a stylish look whilst you’re roasting for friends and family.

Roasting Rack

Once you have the hood, you’ll need the roasting rack. A roasting rack is a smart tool that lifts your food off the flat plate and allows airflow underneath. This stops your foods from frying and burning on the underside. When paired with the hood, your Island Gourmet Elite will be able to be used for convection cooking. Built with practicality in mind, once you’re done roasting, simply pull out the rack to convert back into a barbecue.

island gourmet elite roasting rack

Vegetable Basket

The last accessory that will help you entertain with ease is the Heatlie vegetable basket. Made with stainless steel, the baskets are versatile and are used to cook vegetables, as well as maintain the temperature for pre-cooked food. The baskets are made to be tough whilst remaining easy to clean. 

ige vegetable baskets

Convert Your Island Gourmet into a Roasting Machine Today

Due to the Island Gourmet Elite’s design, the 5mm plate will provide a good base for roasting and with the above mentioned accessories, your roasts will be cooked to perfection. These accessories are popular among IGE owners looking to increase the versatility of their outdoor entertaining ability. Built with Heatlie’s trademark toughness, they will last for years and help you form candid memories. Visit IGE Accessories or click the individual product names to convert your Island Gourmet Elite into a roasting machine. 

If you're looking for a roasting oven that can cook for an army, try our Snappy King and roast like a king.

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