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BBQ Burner Troubleshooting & Replacement Guide

Having troubles with your burners? If you're struggling to get them lit or noticing large discrepancies in heat across your plate, it usually signifies either a blockage somewhere along the burner or the burner itself has gone caput. Although you can generally expect to get at least a decade out of a set of mild steel burners, more from stainless steel, things can happen.

In certain environments, corrosion and pests can become a big problem for any BBQ burner. Not to worry, we're here to help and guide you through troubleshooting common problems with your burner, as well as how to replace yours if that is the needed action.

Burner Troubleshooting

Check the Burner

To make sure the burners are still working properly and not blocked or worn out you need to fire the BBQ up. It should be a healthy blue flame. If the flame is blue and even the full length of the burner, then it is fine. 

Yellow Flame

If the flame is yellow in colour this can mean a couple of things. Firstly, yellow flame means rust. If the burners are too rusty, the flame turns yellow and gives off black smoke (carbon smoke) which will accumulate underneath the hotplate. This eventually can build up and actually insulate the hotplate from the flame, which prevents the hotplate from getting as hot as it should. These burners need to be replaced and the underneath of the hotplate needs to be scraped back to remove the carbon build-up.

Uneven Flame

If the burner has an uneven flame, high one end, low the other, this can indicate that you have a blockage in the burner. Possibly a spider, wasp or similar has made a home in there. You will need to put high-pressure air down the burner tube to remove this blockage. If left unchecked you will eventually have a completely blocked burner, which can cause a blowback of the flame. This is when the flame tries to get through, but can’t, and shoots back towards the gas taps. It makes a big ‘Woosh’ sound and can often shoot flames back out near the taps.

Please note: Rust is not covered under warranty.

Removing and Replacing your Burners

If you're having trouble with your burners, Heatlie highly recommends having a gas fitter inspect and then install new burners for you if needed. 

  1. Undo screws on either end of the escutcheon (where labels and knobs are).
  2. Remove knobs.
  3. Take off escutcheon.
  4. Remove gas taps
  5. Turn the BBQ over onto the plate and remove the galvanised base plate.
  6. Undo the nuts holding the burners down on the opposite end.
  7. Pull both burners out together.
  8. Check the underside of the hotplate for any build-up of soot. This must be scraped off completely before replacing burners. This is to ensure no particles fall into the new burners.
  9. To replace simply reverse the above order remembering to put Loctite on the gas tap before replacing.

How to Clear Burners

If you've diagnosed that your burners are blocked, you can use the following methods to clear them.

  1. Blow compressed air into the burners

  2. Gently tap the burners on the ground to loosen any build up inside

  3. Carefully poke a long probe down into the burner

For Island Gourmet Elite Burners, simply lift your plate and the burners slip out from their brackets on either end. 

A new set of burners can have your old BBQ working like new again. Make sure your cooking plate is up to scratch and you'll have another decade or two of quality Heatlie cooking. 

Check out all our other Cleaning and Maintenance guides to get your BBQ in tip-top shape for the summer. 

You can purchase new burners from our online store by clicking here!

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