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No-Scratch Cleaning Pads Kit

SKU: 1273

Give your barbecue the love it deserves with the No-Scratch Cleaning Pads Kit.

The No-Scratch Cleaning Pads Kit is designed to help you maintain your barbecue at all times. You may choose to do a deep clean maybe once a year, or several times throughout the year. 

No matter what, this cleaning pad kit will be your best bet for making your Barbecue or Island Gourmet Elite looking like new. 

The kit can be used to clean your barbecue as well as other steel cookware without damaging or eroding it. 

Each Kit contains:

5x No-scratch Cleaning Pads

1x No-scratch Pad Holder

A video of the Cleaning Kit with Heat Activated Cleaner in use is available under the Instructions tab.

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