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Hydrogen BBQ

The Heatlie Hydrogen Barbecue is a first of its kind. Demonstrating the utilisation of Hydrogen in residential applications, the barbecue is capable of producing the same results as our Natural Gas and LPG range of barbecues.


  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Consumes roughly half as much fuel as natural gas and LPG, while creating equal heat output
  • Emits far less harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


The Heatlie Hydrogen BBQ is a response to strong market demand for more renewable, cleaner energies. Developed in conjunction with Woodside Energy, our Hydrogen BBQ works and cooks the same as any other BBQ, while using hydrogen as a fuel source as an alternative to LPG or natural gas.

Heatlie values the need for renewable energy moving forward. This product is our contribution to the needs of the future and proof that Heatlie Barbecues is committed to providing practical solutions to modern-day problems.

The Hydrogen Barbecue is a path forward into the renewable energy industry and a grounding for further, new, innovative and exciting projects. The Hydrogen BBQ uses the same body and model as our 850 BBQ, with a new hydrogen regulator and burners to accommodate for the fuel change.

Put simply, hydrogen emits 0.41% of the greenhouse gases that LPG does*. If you were to run your hydrogen barbecue for an entire year straight, non-stop, you'd emit as many greenhouse gases as you would using your natural gas barbecue for 2 days, or your LPG barbecue for a day and a half**.

 For more information on our Hydrogen BBQ, check out our article below.

Hydrogen BBQs - The Future of BBQing


* (Hydrogen only) extrapolation on NOx creation based on flame temperature comparison of natural gas and LPG.

** Weighted gas emission as per National Greenhouse accounts Factors July 2017.If you were to run the BBQ non-stop for the designated timeframe.

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