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Snappy King

If you are looking for an outdoor oven that can cook anything, the Snappy King is your answer. Built with the famous Heatlie toughness, you can expect your Snappy King to continue to cook delicious meals with friends and family for years to come.

The Snappy King is designed with practicality in mind - its just as easy to clean as it is to cook with. 

Featuring the ability to use it as an oven or as a BBQ, the only thing limiting what you can cook is your imagination. 

Optional accessories include; end tables and vegetable racks - enabling you to cook a full meal effortlessly.  


Find out more information below.

$2,999.00 inc GST
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  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Heats to 200C in 3 minutes, maximum temp 350C
  • Auto push button piezo ignition for easy starting.
  • Flame protection device which cuts off gas supply if flame is accidentally extinguished.
  • Roll top hood for ease of access.
  • Snappy King has removable legs for ease of transport.
  • Stainless steel legs including unique gas bottle holder
  • Available with LPG or Natural Gas
  • Approved by Australian Gas Association


  • Dimensions: 1100mm wide x 1250mm high x 600mm deep
  • Cooking Area with roasting rack: 810mm x 480mm
  • Cooking Area with Barbecue Hot plate: 790mm x 380mm

A removable liquid collection container slides directly underneath the drain hole, allowing collection and easy disposal of fat.

The base of the oven can be lined with foil which can be easily removed after cooking and disposed of. Foil trays can also be used in the base and disposed of after use.

The burner is able to be removed easily, enabling the oven to be steam cleaned.

The outside of the oven can be cleaned with any commercially available stainless steel cleaning products and a custom made vinyl cover is available to protect the oven when not in use.


Can I customise the Snappy King?

Yes, you can! We sell multiple accesories to ensure that you have the best cooking experience with your Snappy King. The following accessories are available; Vegetable Rack, End Tables, and an Extra Burner.

Are spare parts available?

Spare parts are available from our Online Store. If the part you want is not listed as available, please call our office on 08 8376 9330

Cooking Guide

Roasting in the Snappy King

The Hotplate should be removed for roasting and the burner located in the back position. Once the lid is closed the heat rolls around the circular body.
Roasting Whole Fish: Place the fish on a layer of foil, add seasonings or flavourings. Enclose in the foil. Cooking time will vary, but for a 8-9kg fish allow 1 – 1.5 hours.

Roasting Beef or Lamb: Begin with the temperature on high for around 15-30 minutes to seal in the flavor, then turn down to low and continue cooking. Place roast in the middle of the oven to avoid burning.

The roast can be wrapped in foil to seal in the moisture, but remove for the last hour or so for the meat to brown. Allow 2.5 hours cooking time for a 2.5kg roast of Beef or Lamb. Obviously this is only a guide, and cooking times will vary with the weight of the meat.

Roast Chickens – Place the seasoned chicken on the rack, and close the lid.
For an average size chicken (size 14) allow 1.5 – 2 hours cooking time. Don’t forget to turn it down after the first 20-30 minutes or the chicken may burn.

Roast Turkeys – Similar preparation to Chicken, although wrapping in foil will keep the moisture in, as Turkeys tend to dry out easily. An average size turkey of 5-6kg will take around 3-3.5 hours cooking time.

Roast Vegetables – Vegetables can be placed in baking dishes, or directly on the roasting rack. Using the Double-Up Rack will assist in cooking vegetables at the same time as the meat is cooking. Avoid placing food directly over the burner to ensure food does not burn.

The temperature on the Double-Up Rack will be higher than the normal roasting rack because it is higher in the oven, so regularly check food on this rack.


Using the Snappy King as an Oven (use only the rack – not the Hotplate)

The Snappy King is capable of cooking practically anything your conventional oven can cook. For example, why not try a batch of scones, Apricot Pie, a Fruit Cake, or a steamed pudding.

Potato Bake or cauliflower bake, or any similar vegetable dish can be cooked or simply reheated in the Snappy King, and it browns the top beautifully.

Wrap garlic bread in foil, and put it in the Snappy King five minutes before you need it, or a bit longer if you like it crunchy on top.

The Snappy King is handy for quick snacks such as:
Nachos – Place corn chips in an oven proof dish, top with grated cheese and place in Snappy King for 10 minutes or until brown. Top with salsa, and serve with sour
cream and mashed avocado – simple – and very tasty.

Pizza – Cooks Pizza to perfection – See Recipe section for great pizza ideas.


Snappy King as a BBQ

  • Remove the Roasting rack and Double-Up Rack.
  • Move the burner from the back position and insert it through the hole further to the front and secure it with the barrel bolt on the left hand side.
  • Lower the Hotplate into the Snappy King.
  • Heat the Hotplate for a few minutes before food is placed on it, but do not leave on for any longer than 5 to 10 minutes without food, as this may cause the plate to buckle.
  • Add oil to the hotplate before cooking if required, and barbecue as you would on any other barbecue.
  • The lid should stay open when the Snappy King is used as a barbecue.

Download Instruction Manual