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Heat Activated Plate Cleaner

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Made for your Heatlie BBQ, this cleaner will remove the most set-in charcoal and cooking residues left on the hot plate.


  • Easy to use
  • No mucking around with wipes and sprays
  • Works quickly and effectively


The BBQ cleaner has been tested and perfected using community barbecues where a clean barbecue is essential. Simply heat up your barbecue with the cleaner and wipe away the mess. A non-hazardous substance and easy to use.  Heatlie Cleaning Pads and Cleaning Pad holder are also available. 

Large 1 liter (946ml) bottle.

A video of the Heat Activated cleaner being used with the Heatlie Cleaning Kit is available under the Instructions tab below.

$40.00 inc GST
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Download Instruction Manual