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Drain Extension

SKU: 1276

Cook for longer with the Heatlie Drain Extension.


  • Direct your fat towards a bigger fat container
  • Cook for longer without having to empty your fat container
  • Perfect for commercial BBQing
  • Suits the Billy Can accessory


The Heatlie Drain extension increases the fat storage capacity of your barbecue by redirecting the flow to a larger fat container below the BBQ. This is ideal for caterers, commercial use or when you are cooking large amounts for long periods of time. For a custom-built storage container that is designed for the Drain Extension visit the Heatlie Billy Can product page. The extension is available for all BBQ models.

*Please note this product doesn't work with a BBQ shelf (available in spare parts & accessories) attached to the BBQ. The shelf would have to be removed for the drain extension to work effectively.



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