The Best BBQ Accessories to Lift Your Barbecuing Experience!

The Best BBQ Accessories to Lift Your Barbecuing Experience!

Heatlie takes pride in providing Australians with barbecues that are built to last. As purveyors of quality barbecues, roasters, and even the odd fire pit, we know how important BBQ accessories are to providing users with memorable experiences. Catering for all barbecuers from casual entertainers to cooks who religiously barbecue breakfast, lunch and dinner, our BBQ accessories are designed to maximise the entertainment value of your barbecue.

The Best BBQ Accessories for Your Cooking Experience

For our range of freestanding BBQs, we offer multiple Australian made BBQ Accessories that will help you entertain your friends and family like a master. Built to help maintain, clean, warm, and cook with your barbecue, these accessories will help you enjoy your investment more than you already are!

Cleaning Kit

Clean your barbecue with Heatlie's recommended Cleaning Kit. Included is a bottle of Heat Activated cleaner, 5 cleaning pads, and a cleaning pad holder, providing you with a kit that will give you high satisfaction when cleaning your barbecue. The heat-activated cleaner activates on hot surfaces and will remove baked-on cooking residues whilst remaining food safe. 

heatlie bbqs cleaning kit

Vinyl Cover

Protect your barbecue with a high-quality, durable Vinyl Cover. Available for barbecues with and without end tables, the vinyl cover will shield your barbecue from the elements during storage and keep it ready to use at short notice.

heatlie bbq vinyl cover

Warming Draw

The Heatlie Warming Drawer will keep your food warm whilst you finish cooking up a storm on your barbecue. Designed and built for our barbecue range, the warming drawer is available for all three barbecue models and colours.  

heatlie bbq warming drawer

Splash Back

Keep your cooking area clean with our specially made Splash back. This will prevent any splashes during the cooking and cleaning processes. Made to be tough and easy to use, the splash back slips on and off your barbecue whilst protecting your outdoor living space from stains and marks. 

heatlie bbq splash back


Need extra storage room under your BBQ? The shelf will come in handy for odd bits like tools, utensils and cleaning products. It fits snuggly between the two leg frames - with some elevation off the ground to keep clear of pests and moisture. 

bbq shelf

Island Gourmet Accessories 

We offer multiple barbecue accessories for our built-in Island Gourmet Elite range that will change how you entertain with your barbecue. If you own an Island Gourmet Elite, the top accessories we recommend are...


Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Island Gourmet Hood is built to be easily fitted to your Island Gourmet Elite. The hood helps increase the variety of food you’re able to cook on your built-in barbecue. Designed to aid in convection cooking, the hood allows you to entertain your guests with succulent roasts whilst still being able to use it as a traditional flat plate barbecue.

island gourmet elite roasting hood

Roasting Rack

The Roasting Rack pairs with your roasting hood and increases the variety of options you have for preparing different meals. The rack is designed to elevate the food off of the hotplate, which allows you to use your Island Gourmet Elite for convection cooking, with the heat being transferred from the hotplate through the slots in the rack. The roasting rack is compatible with both our flat plate and grill plates for the Island Gourmet Elite.

island gourmet elite roasting rack

Vegetable Basket

The Vegetable Baskets are built to hook on at the back of the Island Gourmet hood. They provide you with a handy extra area to cook and warm your veggies whilst you roast with your Island Gourmet Elite and hood. Built tough, the Vegetable Baskets provide you with a smart solution that will help you maximise usage of your Island Gourmet.

island gourmet elite vegetable baskets

Grill Plate

The Grill Plate for the Island Gourmet Elite provides your barbecue with the best of both worlds. Built with a flat plate at the front and a grill at the back, you will be able to entertain your guests with a range of barbecued food whilst staying in control of the cooking process. Available in either mild steel or stainless steel, our plates are built tough, meaning you'll be cooking with it for years to come. 

island gourmet elite grill plate

Stainless Steel Cover

Protect your Island Gourmet with the IGE Stainless Steel Cover. Fitting over the trim of the barbecue, the stainless steel cover will shield the ignition system, knobs and hotplate. Like our barbecues, the cover is built tough and is easy to clean whilst remaining resistant to wind and weather.

island gourmet eltie stainless steel cover

All Your Heatlie BBQ Accessories in One Place

The best BBQ Accessory is one that helps you entertain your friends and family like a master and expands the entertainment value of your BBQ. Built to a high standard here in Australia, our accessories are designed with high use in mind and will continue to change how you barbecue for many years. For more information on each BBQ accessory, visit our product pages or visit the accessories page to purchase now and start entertaining!

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