Piezo Ignition System Installation Guide

Piezo Ignition System Installation Guide

The piezo ignition system is the one of the more common spare parts that needs replacing as a BBQ gets on in age. This is usually an easy job for you to do at home and won't require a professional or a gas fitter, depending on the situation. 

There are a couple types of Heatlie BBQ burner set ups, and replacing the Piezo system is different for both. In this guide we'll explain what steps to take to get your BBQ up and running again with a new ignition system, no matter how old. 

1. Current Style (2021- Present)

Around the start of 2021 we began using a simplified Piezo and burner system that does not require the circlips, spring and washers on the electrodes. The electrodes are also slightly different in size now. Any new Piezo Kits that are ordered from January 2023 onwards will be a straight swap into these newer BBQs. Simply follow the instructions that were supplied with the kit, or see the following for a guide with pictures. 

**For easiest access to Piezo installation area, flip your BBQ so the plate is facing down.**

Removing Existing Ignition System

1. Remove the igniter by detaching the two leads and unscrewing the igniter nut from the back.

2. Pull the leads from the electrodes (the white ceramic pieces sitting over the burners) using pliers.

3. Remove electrode nuts and completely remove electrodes from burner bracket.

Installing New Ignition System

1. Place igniter through hole on escutcheon and secure with igniter nut on the back.


2. Place electrodes in burner brackets and secure with electrode nuts. Use a spanner to tighten. 

3. If needed, manipulate both burner brackets so that electrode probe sits 3-5mm from burner slit. The probes must be directly over an open slit. DO NOT bend the probe itself or the electrode as this could damage them. 


4. Attach the long lead (Lead B) into the back of the igniter with the rounded end of the lead.

5. Attach the short lead (Lead A) onto the strip protruding from the side of the igniter. Ensure the end marked “0.5” attaches to this. Use pliers to clamp the flat end of the lead if it needs to be a tighter fit. 

6. Feed the two leads through the burner hole closest to the igniter. DO NOT TWIST LEADS.

7. Attach the long lead (Lead B) to the electrode on the rear burner and the short lead (Lead A) to the electrode on the front burner.

8. Test for sparking when igniter is pressed. If there is no spark, revisit Step 3 and try again until it sparks.

9. Your BBQ is now ready for use.

2. Old Style

The burners used to be made differently on Heatlie BBQs, and the piezo system followed suit. The electrodes in these older styles of burner were a different size to the newer ones we are now supplying. Therefore the newer electrodes do not fit in the old burners. If your burners look like the below pictures, see the following steps to take. 

heatlie bbq old burners 2 heatlie bbq old burners

heatlie bbq old burners 

If your electrodes are fine, you can easily replace just the igniter and leads using the instructions above and you can leave your existing electrodes in place. This means skipping step 3 from "Removing the Existing Ignition System" and skipping step 2 from "Installing the New Ignition System". You might still need to make adjustments to the positioning of your old electrodes to ensure they spark as per step 3 in "Installing the New Ignition System".

If your electrodes are in need of replacement, you will need to upgrade your BBQ's burners to our newer burners so that the new piezo system can fit. A gas fitter is required to change over the burners in any Heatlie BBQ.

If your burners do not look like these in the photos above and they are not the newer models, chances are they are an even older style that would need replacing, or you can try to just replace the leads and igniter like above.

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