How to Upgrade your Island Gourmet Experience

How to Upgrade your Island Gourmet Experience

The Island Gourmet Elite, by default, is a fantastic BBQ set-up. Installing one in your outdoor kitchen will bring you decades of quality cooking experiences, all the while lifting the aesthetic of your outdoor area. 

Would you believe me if I told you it can get even better?

Heatlie has a fine selection of accessories that are fantastic additions to the IGE. These will diversify the way you cook, protect your investment and keep you BBQing outdoors all summer long.

Roasting Hood

Probably the best addition to the IGE, the Roasting Hood allows you to cook with a closed lid. This means you can use your IGE like you would an oven, even with a full flat plate in there. Get ready for roast meats, baked pies and cakes - the choice is yours. You can also use it for regular cooking. Closing the lid down can help to seal in flavours and keep meat moist. 

The Roasting Hood can be purchased at any time, as it is easily retrofitted to an existing IGE set-up.

heatlie ige roasting hood

Roasting Rack

If you have the Roasting Hood, why not make use of the Roasting Rack? This is a very handy tool that helps keep your food elevated off the scorching hot flat plate surface. This makes for a far more even roast, with better heat circulation around the roast/food. These can be bought to fit either the 600 or 850, with each one encompassing the total width of the plate. 

island gourmet elite roasting rack

Vegetable Baskets

When you need to cook smaller, more fragile food, it's good to have a way of elevating it well above the direct heat of the plate. This is good for foods like garlic bread and vegetables. That's where these vegetable racks are the perfect companion to an IGE Roasting Hood. They simply hook onto the rear shroud that comes with the hood. They provide lots of handy room to nestle food into. The 600 can fit 2 across while the 850 can fit 3. 

island gourmet elite vegetable baskets

Grill Plate

A unique and very handy feature of the newer Island Gourmets is the ability to take your plate out with ease. This means you can swap it for a new one, or swap it for a different kind of plate altogether. The IGE Grill plate brings a whole new dimension to cooking on a Heatlie. Traditionally known for our flat plate BBQs, the grill plate is a venture into unknown territory. The grill extends across the back horizontal half of the plate, meaning one burner is below grill and one is below flat plate. It will also come with fat trays to line the bottom of your IGE firebox. This helps avoid big messes that are hard to clean. 

island gourmet elite grill plate

Stainless Steel Cover

Moving on from cooking accessories, the Stainless Steel Cover provides an excellent way of protecting your IGE from the harsh elements. Island Gourmets are designed for outdoor, undercover use e.g. a veranda or patio. Even then, we always recommended keeping it well covered to keep it protected and working well for decades. 

The stainless steel cover is like a large stainless box that encompasses the entire trim, knobs and plate, so all the important parts. This unfortunately does mean it is not compatible with the roasting hood though. If you have a roasting hood and would like to cover the entire bbq, you are best to find a custom cover to fit your entire bench top.

island gourmet elite stainless steel cover


Less an accessory and more a whole unit on its own, the IGE cabinets are a handy option if you aren't in the market to get a full custom built kitchen. They are made to fit and come fully assembled with all the correct ventilation requirements. You can easily wheel them around for a somewhat "portable" outdoor kitchen. Very handy! It really is the most no-fuss outdoor kitchen you can possibly buy. You can also add on the additional Side Cabinet for more preparation room. 

island gourmet elite cabinets

If you're on the hunt for some Island Gourmet accessories, jump on our online store and order away. Alternatively, you can check out your nearest stockist and they can do all the hard work for you! 

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