Belair Country Fire Service Support

Belair Country Fire Service Support

At Heatlie Barbecues, we try to give back wherever we can. As an Australian owned family business, we know exactly how important it is to support other local organisations, especially those that help protect others as volunteers. Recently, Heatlie was presented the opportunity to donate a brand new BBQ to the Belair Country Fire Service. We knew the kind of tough, selfless work the CFS does and were more than happy to help out. 

belair country fire service heatlie bbq 

Fundraising for Country Fire Services 

Most local country fire services hold sausage sizzles and community events to raise funds for everyday operations and equipment purchasing. These kinds of sizzles need a large, powerful BBQ like a Heatlie. We thought it best they took an 1150 for optimal cooking space, with stainless steel body for durability and a 10mm plate for optimum heat retention over long cooking times. This will help them cook hundreds of sausages all day long to feed everyone. They often host weekend sausage sizzles at Bunnings Warehouse. 

On top of this, a BBQ comes very much in handy around a fire station. There's always going to be mouths to feed and a lot of time spent hanging around waiting for the call. This way, their Heatlie will always be there, easy to fire up at any time and get cooking!

Cherry Gardens Grass Fire

In January 2021, the Belair CFS was called to action to fight the Cherry Gardens grass fire that destroyed 2700 hectares of grassland and up to 19 buildings. Despite having a very mild summer this year, Adelaide is always in danger of bushfires during the summer months and our CFS has to always be on call. You only need to look back to the disastrous fire season of 2019-2020 to see how devastating fires can be. This one was thankfully helped out by some extreme rainfall that proceed a very hot day, which completely put out the fire. 

cherry gardens fire january 2021

belair cfs cherry gardens fire

The Belair CFS in action at the Cherry Gardens fire January 2021 

Photos courtesy of Belair Country Fire Service Facebook Page

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