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How to Assemble your BBQ Splash Back

Need a hand assembling your Heatlie BBQ Splash Back? Maybe you lost the instructions that come with it. Not to worry, follow this handy guide to get your Splash Back up and running in no time. 

Included in package:

1x Rear long piece

2x Side short pieces

3x Brackets

3x Screws

3x Nuts

3x Washers


1. Start by removing the white plastic film that covers each of the three pieces.

2. The long folded edge of each piece will be the top of the Splash Back. Attach the bracket so it faces down and away from the folded edge as shown in the picture. Ensure the bracket is on the side with the fold as this is the outer face of the Splash Back.

3. Sit one side piece on the BBQ plate, placing the bracket over the lip of the BBQ plate and holding it steady with one hand.

4. Slide the longer piece onto the side piece by lining up the folded ends as shown. They will slot inside each other. The two pieces should now be able to stand on their own.


5. Repeat with the other side piece. The bracket on the back of each of the three pieces will hold them in place on the inside edge of the BBQ plate.  



There you have it! Your Splash Back will protect your surrounding areas from fat splatter, making your cleanup job a lot easier. 

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