BBQ Flame Failure Guide

BBQ Flame Failure Guide

Flame failure, simply put, is a safety fall-back device that protects you and your BBQ while you are cooking. It works by immediately cutting off the gas supply if the flame on your burner happens to blow out. This stops a build-up of gas inside the BBQ and its interior gas valves. If gas was allowed to build up inside the burners, this could risk a gas explosion the next time you go to light your BBQ.

Why would my burner flame blow out?

If you're outside cooking in a windy environment, a strong enough gust could potentially blow out your flame. This is not ideal obviously if you are in the middle of cooking a big meal. While flame failure won't fix the issue of your BBQ blowing out, it will keep you safe from a potentially very dangerous situation, and allows you to resume cooking quickly and safely without the gas build-up.

Other technical issues may have an impact on the flame's consistency. 

What Heatlie products is Flame Failure available on?

Heatlie offers a flame failure upgrade on all our standard flat plate BBQ models of all sizes. Being a factory fitted upgrade, it cannot be purchased as an extra accessory later on and must be fitted at the time of purchase.

All BBQs with a flame failure must also have a timer installed. A timer controls the amount of time that gas will flow through the BBQ. It is set to a default of 10 minutes, and to continue cooking you have to manually press the black rubber 'timer' button every 8 minutes.

Flame failure is also not available with reverse control BBQs.

Our Island Gourmet Elite range comes standard with flame failure as an added benefit. This is also true for our Community BBQs, which you've most likely seen in a caravan, camping, recreational or national park somewhere in Australia.

How does a Flame Failure BBQ differ from a standard one? 

A flame failure BBQ will look a little different to a standard one, with different control knobs on the right-hand side. See the comparison below...

heatlie bbq flame failure

Flame Failure 

heatlie bbq control panel

Standard BBQ

The Flame Failure model features a custom made faceplate for the right handle to accommodate the timer and to hide the extra parts required for the flame failure installation. The standard BBQ simply features the piezo igniter and the knobs. 

How to operate a Flame Failure BBQ

Operating a flame failure BBQ is a little different as well...

  1. Turn knobs to OFF position.
  1. Turn on the valve at GAS SUPPLY.
  1. Depress the flame failure button (metal button) and hold it down.
  1. While holding down the flame failure button, light the pilot light by pressing the ignitor. You can then view the pilot flame through control end of the barbecue. If ignition does not occur, release flame failure and wait 10 seconds before trying again.
  1. Once the pilot is alight, continue to hold flame failure down for 10 to 15 seconds and then release.
  1. Turn one or both taps to HIGH, and cross-lighting will occur on the main burner.
  1. After use, turn OFF the taps to extinguish burners, then turn off GAS SUPPLY to extinguish the pilot light.

How do I know if I need Flame Failure on my BBQ?

It is generally a good idea to have a flame failure if your BBQ is going to be used for commercial purposes. This includes food service, events and catering, community clubs and associations etc. Especially since in these contexts, the BBQs will be used out in open space outdoors, where wind can be a menace, as opposed to a domestic backyard with fences and walls protecting the BBQ. 

If you live in a particularly windy area though, it could be a worthwhile investment even if your BBQ is only used domestically. Obviously, if you've purchased an Island Gourmet Elite, you will have Flame Failure no matter what. 

Gas Safety with Heatlie

It's always important to remember that gas is a dangerous tool that we have harnessed the ability to use for our pleasure. Don't get carried away with this though, and remember that something like flame failure could be the difference between nicely cooked snags, and singed eyebrows (or worse).

Check out our blog on gas safety tips for more ways to stay safe while cooking with gas.

Flame failure upgrades are not available through the website. Please contact us for a quote. 

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