Welcoming Letterboxes to the Heatlie brand family!

Welcoming Letterboxes to the Heatlie brand family!

In June 2020, Heatlie Barbecues looked to expand on its metal fabrication expertise by acquiring a local business to grow alongside the Barbecue name. Adelaide Letterboxes became the newest addition to our rapidly growing factory and added a new level to our product range on offer at 60 Kinkaid Avenue. 

We took what we knew about metal fabrication from our decades of building barbecues, and also through our other sister company Kepno Metal Fabrication, and applied it to letterboxes. With a strong focus on high-quality metal, powder-coated mailbox solutions that would look fantastic in any application. 

The Adelaide Letterboxes customer base consisted of numerous fencing and landscaping companies across predominantly Adelaide with occasional interstate sales. With ideas of expansion to capture more of the national customer base, rather than just Adelaide, we have decided to align the Letterboxes brand with Heatlie. Welcome, Heatlie Letterboxes!

We have a strong product range spanning freestanding models on posts, built-in units for fences and walls, customised faceplates for some extra front yard flair and multibanks for bulk letterbox solutions. 

But don't worry, this isn't taking anything away from our barbecues. We aim to continue to grow both businesses to new and exciting heights, with lots of new product ideas coming through the pipeline. 

Check out Heatlie Letterboxes today for your next letterbox!

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