Snappy King Accessory Overview

Snappy King Accessory Overview

The Snappy King is primarily an outdoor roasting oven, but you'd be surprised how versatile it can be. With the help of few accessories to boost its capabilities, the Snappy King can become an all in one outdoor cooking solution. Let's take a look at all the great accessories the Snappy King has to offer. 

Hotplate Kit

By default, the Snappy King is designed purely for roasting. It features a large cylindrical body with open roasting racks and one burner at the back of the unit. This helps it create an efficient convectional airflow. However, this can all be replaced by a flat plate designed for BBQing like you would on our BBQs or Island Gourmets. This kit also comes with an extra burner to install directly underneath the plate for direct heat. These burners can be connected so that gas flows between them, meaning you only need one gas bottle. To sum up, this kit contains...

  • 1x Hot plate
  • 1x Burner
  • 1x Quick Connect attachment

The hot plate is a 5mm mild steel plate and the burner is stainless steel. Please note that this burner is not compatible with the default roasting rack, so you will have to convert fully back to normal to do roasts again. 

The hot plate replaces the roasting rack, the burner easily slides into the front burner slot and the quick connect coupling joins the two burners. Simple.

snappy king hotplate kit cooking 

End Tables

Need some preparation room outside for your big cook ups? The stainless steel end tables provide the perfect solution to this. They easily clip on the side and come off just as easily. As a bonus, if you have a freestanding BBQ of ours, they are compatible with those too!

snappy king with end tables

Double Up Roasting Rack

This is the ultimate, and possibly most essential Snappy King accessory. It provides an extra layer of cooking area that is valuable, to say the least. Not only this but it adds extra versatility as the positioning of the double up racks makes it perfect for foods that require a bit less direct heat and a more gentle cook, like garlic bread or vegetables.

snappy king roasting rack

Vinyl Cover

Protect your investment. The Snappy King may be made of stainless steel, but it still needs to be protected from the elements like any other appliance. The vinyl cover is the perfect waterproof cover to protect your Snappy King and make it last the distance. This can be bought to suit a Snappy King with or without end tables. 

Snappy King Accessory Package

Looking to upgrade your Snappy King all in one hit? Our Snappy King Accessory package combines all three main accessories (minus the hot plate kit) into one bundled price. This is the perfect starting off point for any Snappy King enthusiast.        

Make the most of your Snappy King by following our ultimate guide for cooking with the Snappy King. You'll be roasting (or BBQing) like a pro in no time!

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