How to Care for Your New Heatlie BBQ

How to Care for Your New Heatlie BBQ

Just purchased a brand new Heatlie? Congratulations, you've just bought your forever BBQ! Now, to make sure you keep it in the best possible condition, and get the most out of it, follow the below steps...

1. Installation

Firstly, set up your mobile leg kit if applicable and place on solid ground, or insert BBQ into its built in cavity, ensuring all is secure.

For LPG appliances, this is fairly simple. Screw your supplied hose and regulator onto your gas bottle. Check for leaks by spraying a soapy water over the joint between the gas cylinder and the hose. If bubbles appear, try completely removing and re-attaching the hose, ensuring it is tight, but not over tightened.

For Natural Gas applications, you will need a authorised gas fitter. They will be able to install the hose into it's connection and check all fittings for leaks. They will also perform a test to make sure all pressures are correct before handing over the unit with certification.

2. Cleaning, Seasoning and First Use

We know you’re keen to get some snags going on your new BBQ, but before you do, make sure you wash off the lanolin oil coating that is applied in the factory to protect the plate. Wash until the water runs clear and you can’t feel a sticky residue on the plate. It doesn't have to be perfect, as the lanolin is food safe, but it won't taste very nice, so wash until you're confident that it's mostly gone. 

Once you've done this, you can begin the seasoning process. 

Once your BBQ is hooked up to it's gas source, light it up and get some heat into the plate. Then apply some cooking oil - high smoke point oils like canola, peanut or vegetable work best. Avoid olive oil as it will burn too quickly. Spread the oil with a nice even layer over every nook and cranny of the top side of the plate and leave running on high for 3 minutes. Wipe off this layer of oil and re-apply a second layer. You're now ready to cook!

3. Plate Discolouration

Let’s get this straight first thing, your plate WILL discolour upon the first use. This is totally normal, don’t freak out. Your plate, whether mild or stainless steel, will build up layers of seasoning with every cook and will eventually turn to a slick dark coating that provides the ideal, non stick cooking surface. Keeping it shiny like new is possible, but highly unrealistic.

Stainless plates will mainly discolour in two horizontal strips over the burners, and will stay somewhat new looking around the edges. Mild steel will go fully black after several cooks.

Plate discolouration is the natural reaction between metal and heat, combined with the layers of oils, marinades and food debris that bake onto the plate.

4. On-Going Maintenance and Cleaning

This may come as a shock, but you don’t need to thoroughly clean your plate after each use. We recommend using a heavy duty spatula or paint scraper to scrape away loose food debris, followed by applying a layer of oil to help maintain the seasoning.

As a rule of thumb don't ever use water to wash the plate, this can encourage rust to form. If your seasoning has gotten to a point where it needs to be reset, try our Heat Activated Cleaner to break down the layers for you to scrape away. 

It's best to give all external, non-cooking surfaces a wipe down to remove grease and fat splatter. This keeps everything looking clean and fresh.

We recommend keeping your BBQ covered when not in use, and out of the weather.

5. Caring for Your Burners 

Keep an eye on your burners as time goes on. You want to maintain a nice even blue flame from the slots. use the view hole to check them every now and then. If the flame is burning considerably yellow, they most likely need a clean. Build ups of dirt and soot can cause this both on the exterior of the burner, and within the tube.

Blockages within the tube can cause havoc on the operation of the BBQ, so check to make sure no insects have built a nest in there!

6. Spare Parts and Servicing

As time goes on, the main body of your BBQ will remain very much in tact, often in the same condition it was when you bought it (if looked after). However, similar to a car or other large appliance, parts will need to be replaced. Good thing for you, we try our best to make sure our spare parts will suit any Heatlie of any age, with some exceptions. Things like piezo ignition systems, burners, hoses, knobs and labels are all very easy to buy and replace, and doing so will ensure your BBQ stays fresh and in good operating condition.

Some of these parts like the burners, gas taps and hose do require a gas fitter to install and service.  It's always best to make sure a professional is getting the job done correctly when dealing with something as dangerous as gas. 

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By following the steps above, you'll ensure that your new toy will last you for decades and decades of use, as we often see with Heatlies. As always, we're here to help so don't hesitate to reach out with questions about your new BBQ!

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