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Service your barbecue and give it the love it deserves with Heatlie's spare parts and accessories. 

Heatlie Barbecues produce a wide range of BBQ accessories and equipment to help you entertain your friends and family. Built tough like our barbecues, these BBQ accessories will let you cook with your barbecue like a pro. 

From covers and cleaning kits to help you prepare and maintain your Barbecue, to shelves, hoods and roasting racks that will add to your entertaining ability. View our range of barbecue accessories below and find the perfect complement to your BBQ.  




Spare Parts & Accessories


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IGE Stainless Steel Cover

The IGE stainless steel cover protects your Island Gourmet Elite's hotplate, trim and control panel.

BBQ Vinyl Cover

The Heatlie BBQ Vinyl Cover is designed to fit snug over your Heatlie BBQ and provide protection to your barbecue when not in use.


$89.95 inc GST

IGE Grill Plate

A grill plate for your Island Gourmet Elite.

Polo Shirt

A Heatlie branded polo shirt.

Lightweight and breathable. Only available in black. 

$49.95 inc GST

Roaster Burner

A spare burner for your roaster.

$749.95 inc GST

Snappy King Replacement Burner

The Snappy King Replacement Burner will allow you to get your Snappy King back in service and start entertaining your friends.

$699.95 inc GST

Super Contact Cleaner

The Heatlie Super Contact Cleaner will clean your dirtiest kitchen appliances easily and remove even the most stubborn stains.

$64.95 inc GST

Heat Activated Plate Cleaner

Made for your Heatlie BBQ, this cleaner will remove the most set-in charcoal and cooking residues left on the hot plate.

$74.95 inc GST

IGE Flat Plate

Replace your Island Gourmet Elite Flat Plate with a choice of Mild or Stainless Steel Hotplate.