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Service your barbecue and give it the love it deserves with Heatlie's custom spare parts and accessories. 

Spare Parts & Accessories


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IGE Natural Gas Hose

Replacement Hose for Natural Gas Island Gourmet Elites.
$132.99 inc GST


A lid to cover your Island Gourmet Elite when not in use.

End Table Bung set

Replacement bungs for your BBQ end table.
$21.99 inc GST

IGE Knob Set

Replacement knobs for the Island Gourmet Elite.
$28.95 inc GST

BBQ LPG Hose and Regulator

Replacement LPG hose and regulator for your LPG BBQ.
$54.95 inc GST

IGE Knob Label

Replacement Knob Label for your Island Gourmet Elite.
$14.99 inc GST

IGE Cabinet

A two door cabinet for your IGE - perfect for storing your BBQ tools and accessories.