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Service your Snappy King and give it the love it deserves with Heatlie's custom spare parts and accessories. 

Snappy King Spare Parts & Accessories


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Snappy King End Table

Add storage space to your Snappy King easily with Heatlie End Tables. Attach and store your tools conveniently next to the roaster.

$375.95 inc GST

Snappy King Double Up Rack

The Snappy King Vegetable Double-Up Rack adds to the versatility of your Snappy King.

$219.99 inc GST

Snappy King Cover

Protect your Snappy King with this vinyl cover.

Snappy King Hotplate Kit

Upgrade your Snappy King, with a Snappy King Hotplate Kit.

$1,419.94 inc GST

Snappy King Burner

The Snappy King Replacement Burner will allow you to get your Snappy King back in service and start entertaining your friends.

$759.95 inc GST

Snappy King Rack

A replacement bottom rack for your Snappy King. 

$280.49 inc GST

Snappy King Quick Connect Burner

This kit allows you to run your Snappy King with two burners. 

The burner comes complete with a quick connection so you can run both burners off the one gas bottle. 

$979.95 inc GST

Tuff Knob

A replacement singular knob for your Snappy King, Roaster or Hot Box. 

$38.50 inc GST