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Island Gourmet Accessories


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This Island Gourmet Lid comes with the lid and handle to attach.

IGE Temperature Gauge

A feature of the IGE hood.
$44.99 inc GST

IGE Plate Lifting Tool

Compatible with the IGE 600 and IGE 850.
$35.99 inc GST

IGE Cabinet

This 2 door Cabinet is available for the IGE 850 and 600. The IGE sits in the Cabinet as shown in the photos.

IGE Side Cabinet

IGE Side Cabinet can be attached to the Cabinet that is available or you IGE.
$1,253.95 inc GST

IGE Roasting Rack

NEW AND EXCITING!! This product is designed to fit across the plate of an IGE. It's perfect for roasting meat and veggies. Designed to go under the IGE Hood.

IGE Vegetable Basket

This product sits on the inside of the hood of an IGE to hold/warm/cook veggies.
$49.99 inc GST

IGE Hood

2 sizes, to fit both the IGE 850 and IGE 600. (Only IGE 600 models with Serial Number 3000 and onwards)