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IGE Spare Parts


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IGE Knob Set

x2 (a pair) Standard knobs for the Island Gourmet Elite BBQ.
$28.95 inc GST

IGE Gas Conversion Kit

These kits enable you to convert your Island Gourmet Elite from LPG to Natural Gas, or Natural gas to LPG. Available for 600 and 850. Includes: Labels Hose Regulator
$0.00 inc GST

IGE Thermocouple

Detects weather there is a flame and is only required for BBQs with flame failure.
$44.95 inc GST


This Island Gourmet Lid comes with the lid and handle to attach.
$0.00 inc GST

IGE Temperature Gauge

A feature of the IGE hood.
$44.99 inc GST

IGE Flat Lid Handle

$27.95 inc GST

IGE Hood Handle/IGE Cabinet Handle

This handle is used for the hood of the IGE as well as the cabinet.
$34.95 inc GST

IGE Plate Lifting Tool

Compatible with the IGE 600 and IGE 850.
$35.99 inc GST

IGE Fat Container

This sits under the plate in the middle, where the drain hole is.
$54.95 inc GST

IGE LPG Hose and Regulator

Includes: 900mm Stainless steel braided hose and a regulator. Compatible with IGE 600 and IGE 850.
$49.95 inc GST

IGE Natural Gas Hose

Hose for Natural Gas Island Gourmet Elites. Includes: 1200mm Stainless steel braided hose with bayonet end.
$132.99 inc GST

IGE Flat Plate

The flat plate for the IGE is the same design as the BBQ flat plate, available in mild steel or stainless steel. All plates for the IGE come 6mm thick. Please follow the link for more information about stainless steel VS mild steel plates, and how to look after your plate. The flat plate on the IGE can be interchanged with the grill plate, although this is not a short process and requires quite a bit of effort. 10mm PLATE COMING SOON!!!
$0.00 inc GST

IGE Grill Plate

OUR NEWEST IGE PRODUCT!! This is our only plate with a grill. It is designed so the back half of the plate is grill and the front half is still flat. There is a drip container under the plate and the way the plate is cut the burner isn't effected by the drips from the grill.
$0.00 inc GST

IGE Knob Label

x1 Round label for under the knob on the Island Gourmet Elite.
$14.99 inc GST

IGE Cabinet

This 2 door Cabinet is available for the IGE 850 and 600. The IGE sits in the Cabinet as shown in the photos.
$0.00 inc GST