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Choosing a Heatlie BBQ


These quality South Australian made barbecues cater for a range of different purposes including commercial cooking and for home cooks looking to bring out their inner MasterChef. As such, it is important that when choosing a Heatlie you consider the purpose your BBQ will serve. All the BBQ’s in this post are designed for both home and professional use and can be operated by cooks of any skill level.


Where to start?

When you start your search, the amount of quality options we provide may seem daunting. Whether you are looking for a barbecue that will complete your outdoor kitchen or a barbecue that will stand alone in your patio, we have barbecues for you. Firstly, when reading through this section it could be helpful to think about how you will use your barbecue. 

 The Island Gourmet Elite

The first option we provide is the Island Gourmet Elite, which is perfect for any outdoor kitchen and is made to be dropped into any bench top (Yes, even wood – the first outdoor BBQ that can do this!). This option is best suited for barbecue-ers that want to complete their outdoor kitchen and share it with their family and friends.  

The Heatlie Snappy King

The second option is the Snappy King. An easy to clean outdoor oven that produces great results when roasting, cooking and barbecuing. This BBQ is best suited to barbecue-ers wanting to cook up full meals in their back yard. Whilst there isn’t any further customisation when purchasing the Snappy King (as it’s already got every feature you can think of), we do sell a vegetable rack, BBQ plate and end table designed especially for this oven that will further your cooking experience.  

The Heatlie BBQ (stainless steel with side tables). 

Lastly, we have our traditional BBQ available in 3 colours – Stainless Steel, Black and the Claret. These BBQs were built tough for chefs and can last for decades. They are best suited for barbecue-ers looking for a traditional BBQ, with precision made burners that produce a more even heat than other barbecues. These BBQs come either with a stand or can be dropped into a bench. 


BBQ Hot Plate Choice?

The next step is to choose the specifications that will make the BBQ yours. Starting with hot plate choice, you first need to choose the material. We recommend the Mild Steel option for your plate as it provides the best all round cooking experience. However, if you are planning to use your BBQ near the sea, we do suggest the stainless-steel option to prevent rust.  

Our standard plates come in 5mm sizes, however if you are using your BBQ for commercial purposes, we recommend the 10mm size to provide better heat retention. 


BBQ Specifics

These options are only available for the BBQ models and are important for your overall cooking experience. The first choice is whether you want your BBQ to have legs or to be built in. The next option is whether you would like to have a lid for your BBQ. 


Burner and Gas

The last two choices when purchasing your Heatlie BBQ or Island Gourmet Elite online are the burner material i.e. mild steel or stainless steel, and the gas type. As earlier mentioned, we strongly recommend the mild steel option unless you are near water or in an area susceptible to rust. 

In terms of Gas, we offer LPG and Natural gas options. However, if you change your mind at a later date, we do offer a gas conversion kit.


What next?

Now that you have the run-down of the quality BBQs on offer; visit the product pages and start customising the barbeque of your dreams!

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