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Our Favourite Heatlie User Generated Content

Sometimes a brand's biggest advocate is its fans, and in the day and age of social media, we love seeing what our loyal customers get up to on their Heatlies all year round. Over the years we've seen some mouth-watering displays of sizzling burgers, bacon and sausages on Heatlies across Instagram, as well as the creative ways in which others use it to cook, well, just about anything. We also love seeing the designs people come up with when installing an Island Gourmet into their outdoor kitchen and how sleek and stylish it looks. 

Here are a few of our favourite posts that we've seen on Instagram displaying our fine heatlie BBQs in action. 

heatlie island gourmet kitchen

heatlie island gourmet elite cooking

Image credit: jiolee1008

This is proof in the pudding that you don't always need a big expansive backyard to have a BBQ lifestyle. Our Island Gourmet Elite can recess into any benchtop and embody a minimalist style, complimenting modern balcony settings. 


old heatlie bbq blue sky

Image credit: danmokane

We always love a good vintage Heatlie in action. Just another testament to how long these babies will last. 

heatlie bbq in farqhuar kitchen

Image credit: farquharkitchens

Heatlie BBQs are well paired with high quality, designer outdoor kitchens like the ones we see from Farquhar Kitchens Adelaide. Like the first post, this displays the Island Gourmet's ability to be a streamlined solution to an outdoor BBQ, with no big ugly hoods in the way. You can have a hood of course if you'd like though. 

heatlie island gourmet with hood in outdoor kitchen

image credit: adelaideoutdoorkitchens

As we mentioned, you can have a roasting hood in your Island Gourmet Elite if you'd like, and in no way is it actually ugly. It provides a practical and relatively streamlined way to be able to roast on your Heatlie outdoor BBQ kitchen while remaining stylish and faithful to your designs. 

Remember to keep posting your Heatlie setups, we want to see them all. Use the hashtag #heatliebbqs and tag us in your photo for a chance to be featured. 

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