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Service your barbecue and give it the love it deserves with Heatlie's custom spare parts and accessories. 

BBQ Spare Parts/Accessories


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End Table

Add storage space to your barbecue easily with Heatlie End Tables. Attach to your Barbecue and store: plates, tools conveniently next to the BBQ hotplate.
$0.00 inc GST

Warming Drawer

Keep your food warm while you finish preparing the meal with the Heatlie Warming Draw.
$0.00 inc GST


Cover your BBQ with these custom made Lids.
$0.00 inc GST

Heat Activated Plate Cleaner

Made for your Heatlie BBQ, this cleaner will remove the most set-in charcoal and cooking residues left on the hot plate.
$40.00 inc GST

BBQ Shelf

Add to the storage possibilities of your Barbecue with the Heatlie BBQ shelf.
$0.00 inc GST

BBQ Vinyl Cover

BBQ cover is designed to protect the BBQ against weather, dirt etc. Highly recommended for BBQs being placed in coastal areas. Only available for BBQs with either no End Tables or two End Tables.
$0.00 inc GST

Heatlie's BBQ Cleaning Kit

Give your Barbecue the love it deserves with the Heatlie Cleaning Kit.
$74.95 inc GST

No Scratch Cleaning Pads Kit

Give your barbecue the love it deserves with the No Scratch Cleaning Pads Kit.
$49.95 inc GST

Drain Extension

Cook longer with the Heatlie Drain Extension.
$99.95 inc GST

Splash Back

Keep your outdoor cooking area with the Heatlie Barbecue splash back.
$0.00 inc GST

Heatlie Super Contact Cleaner

The Heatlie Super Contact Cleaner will clean your dirtiest kitchen appliances easily and remove even the most stubborn stains.
$65.00 inc GST

Fat Container

Catch all your excess cooking fat with this custom made fat container.
$54.95 inc GST

Billy Can

Custom designed for your Heatlie Barbecue, this Billy Can will catch large quantities of your excess cooking fat.
$34.99 inc GST

Tuff Knob Set

The Tuff Knob is a more secure option for barbecues in public places and increases difficulty in removal of knobs.
$67.95 inc GST

BBQ Instruction Labels

Replacement instruction labels for LPG BBQ and Natural Gas BBQ.
$0.00 inc GST

Handle Kit

Replace your BBQ handle with this easy to use kit that features all the necessary materials.
$0.00 inc GST

BBQ Gas Conversion Kit

Convert your BBQ between LPG and Natural Gas easily with this BBQ Gas Conversion Kit.
$0.00 inc GST

Piezo Igniter Kit

Replace your Piezo Igniter with this kit which is suitable for all of our BBQs.
$56.95 inc GST

Wheel Kit

Spare wheels for your BBQ.
$97.99 inc GST

BBQ Burner Set

Replacement Burner sets for your BBQ.
$0.00 inc GST

Thumb Screw Set

Replacement thumb screw set for your BBQ.
$10.50 inc GST

BBQ Natural Gas Hose

Replacement Hose for Natural Gas BBQs.
$69.95 inc GST

BBQ Standard Knob Set

Replacement knobs for your BBQ.
$29.95 inc GST

Gas Tap set

Replacement gas taps for your BBQ.
$0.00 inc GST