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Regular maintenance will allow you many years of cooking on your Heatlie BBQ. Please phone our office on 08 8376 9330 if the parts you require are not listed. 

BBQ Spare Parts


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Tuff Knob

Solid polyurethane knob with brass insert which is held securely onto the tap shaft with a grub screw. Supplied with an Allen key. This a more secure option than the standard knob for barbecues in public places as it is more difficult to remove. Includes: x2 Tuff Knobs
$67.95 inc GST

BBQ Instruction Labels

Replacement instruction labels for LPG BBQ and Natural Gas BBQ.
$29.95 inc GST

Handle Kit

Includes: Stainless Steel handle(s) Brackets Screws

Fat Container

Fat Container for BBQs that have the drain spout on the left hand side of the BBQ and container bracket as per the photo.
$54.95 inc GST

End Table Bung set

Includes: x2 Flat Bungs x2 Threaded Bungs x2 Adjustable feet
$21.99 inc GST

BBQ Gas Conversion Kit

These kits enable you to convert your BBQ from LPG to Natural Gas or Natural gas to LPG. Available for 700, 850 and 1150 BBQs. Includes: Labels Hose Regulator Gas Taps *Note there is a specific conversion kit for the Island Gourmet Elite, available under IGE Gas Conversion Kit.

BBQ Burner Set

Mild steel or stainless steel burner set.

Gas Tap set

x2 (a pair) Gas tap for BBQs

Piezo Igniter Kit

Applicable for any BBQ (700, 850 and 1150) Includes: Piezo Igniter x2 Leads x2 Electrodes (Spring, Criclip and Washer)
$56.95 inc GST

Thumb Skrew Set

x4 Zinc Plated Thumb Screws
$10.50 inc GST

BBQ Standard Knob

This are the knobs that come with the BBQ as standard. Included: x2 Standard BBQ Knobs
$29.95 inc GST

Billy Can

3L Billy Can Designed to hang off the drain extension for catering purposes where excess fat is expected.
$34.99 inc GST


These lids are are available for all three sizes of BBQ. 700 850 1150. Price includes freight.

BBQ LPG Hose and Regulator

Includes: 600mm Stainless steel braided hose and a regulator. Compatible with 700, 850 and 1150 BBQs.
$54.95 inc GST

BBQ Natural Gas Hose

Hose for Natural Gas BBQs. Includes: 1200mm Stainless steel braided hose with bayonet end.
$69.95 inc GST

Wheel Kit

This wheel kit attaches to the right BBQ leg. Included is: x2 Rubber Wheels x2 Axels x2 Black Nylon Washers x2 Aluminium Washers x2 Nylock Nuts
$97.99 inc GST