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About Us

Quality, Innovation, Family


Heatlie Barbecues is a proud family-owned and run business. We design and manufacture our barbecues in Australia to guarantee that every barbecue we make will be as tough as the last. Our BBQs have a reputation for feeding entire communities on a regular basis while lasting for decades in the process. Come explore our range of barbecues and accessories and make your next barbecue a Heatlie Barbecue.
We are a family business through and through, with contributions from the entire family across all facets of the business. Owners, Mal and Andrea Mead have recently welcomed their children Mitch and Alby into the fold. Mitch has taken the role of Innovation and Operation Development at Heatlie BBQs while Alby, has come on board to assist with sister engineering company, Kepno Pty Ltd. Bek continues to pursue a career outside the family businesses, and works on special projects within the organisation as needed. Recently, she has developed website content for Heatlie.com.au, which launched in March 2019
Heatlie Barbecues are proudly affiliated with Heatlie Letterboxes and Kepno Pty Ltd. The purchase of Adelaide Letterboxes in June 2020 has added an extra layer to our business and helped us learn and grow as a family, and as a business. In August 2021, we took the step to integrate Adelaide Letterboxes into our brand network, rebranding it as Heatlie Letterboxes. We look forward to a bright future of manufacturing Australian made barbecues and letterboxes
Our family values of honesty, reliability, commitment, integrity and teamwork. We let these values reverberate through to our valued staff and we prove them in the willingness to serve our customers, providing quality barbecues and exceptional service
We want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this amazing journey. It is with gratitude that we have watched our small Australian business grow and it's all because of you, our loyal customers. Together with our suppliers and employees, we continue to go from strength to strength.
Heatlie remains true to our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality, Australian Made products. Innovation is foremost in our product and business development. Our trusted employees are a committed team that is the lifeblood of our small family business. As we build our company and look to the future, we are welcoming the contribution of the next generation of our immediate family and we are looking forward to continuing to supply world-class products to our valued customers.

 "At Heatlie Barbecues, our mission is to provide Australians with something that will last a lifetime, maybe even two."